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Mar 26, 2009 11:47 AM

Good food, good prices SD

Wondering what anyone's favorite restaurant specials are in SD. I know Better Half has a great blue plate special. What else have you tried that's worth trying? Do any of the steak places like Donovan's or Morton's etc have anything along those lines?

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  1. Love what the Better Half and other restaurants are doing..loved to see more 3 course meals for under $20.
    I find that I am doing more happy hours or small plates/tapa.
    Brig for the everyday HH is always a fav with me..couple of fish tacos and a marg or glass of wine and I'm set to go.
    Island Prime has a great HH with drinks and app's..McCormicks and Schmicks at the Omni has a killer HH.
    Don't think Donavan's or Mortons are doing any types of specials..that is such a corporate account gig or special occasion.
    I definately am cooking more at home..which I love to do but my love of International travel wins out over going to some restaurant and spending hundreds of dollars on least for the moment..
    ; )

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      Donovan's has tenderloin sammies that are free at the bar. Agree about M&S HH.

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        I also saw in yesterday's LJ Light paper that Jack's has a buy one entree, get one free coupon that you can use Sunday - Friday with no early bird restrictions. That sounds like a pretty good deal.

      2. Went to Jack's La Jolla on Wed, 1/2 price bottles of wine and 1/2 off pizzas and apps till 7, wine 1/2 of all night. If you get a pie and an app or a couple of pies they will waive the entree requirement for the wine. Decent pie, nice char.

        1. Better Half's Blue Plate/Stressed Economy thing is now $20, and listed on the website finally:

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            We were there recently and the food AND the service were quite uneven ... $20 is a deal but the wine was quite expensive ...