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Mar 26, 2009 11:44 AM

city of industry sat night - drive in, help!

Hi there fellow chow i am a city boy looking to take my date out to the City of Industry on Sat night for her first drive in movie at the Vineland drive in. Supposedly you can bring food into the premises and am wondering who has some ideas for me on where in the area I can pick up or if worth it, dine in...thank you all that respond!

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  1. There are some good Bahn Mi places in San Gabriel & Rosemead. You could go to Petrillos in San Gabriel and get some pizza before you head over. Claros market has sandwiches, anti pasta and dessert also in San Gabriel. Then head down Valley to Drive-In. There Is Art's Burgers and they are like In & Out but they have more stuff. Albertos Mexican on Peck, a 1/2 mile north of Valley for some good taquitos and burros. Post back on how it goes and what you get. I have lalways wanted to go that drive-in.

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      thanks BB, appreciate the heads up...cmon chow hounders, i need more suggestions!! what about baldwin park area?/

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        If I were going for pizza in that general direction, I'd stop at Bollini's -- excellent thin crust with fresh and interesting toppings.

        Bollini's Pizzeria Napolitana
        2315 S Garfield Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754

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          Depending on which way you're coming in of course, but I'd think that the Glendora Patrillo's is as close as San Gabriel with less traffic headaches. The flagship Baldwin Park location of In 'n Out is close by.

        2. There's a Frisco's Car Hop off the 60 freeway. Their Frisco burgers come on parmesan crusted grilled sourdough...I especially love the one with avocado, cheese, and bacon. I love their fried zucchini and seasoned curly fries, and they make some of the best malts and milkshakes ever (my fave strawberry). They do roy rogers and shirley temples as well, but make sure you ask for extra cherries if you want more than just one. I used to go to the Downey location where there's a drive through, but everything can be wrapped and packaged to go.

          Frisco's Car Hop Drive-In
          18065 Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748

          1. How about stopping at an IN-N-OUT?