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Mar 26, 2009 11:41 AM

Grand Central Market

I thought I'd shop for groceries for my dinner tonight at Grand Central Market since I'll be in the area. Does anyone have any favorites/suggestions of what should not be missed/avoided? I eat everything, but am thinking of going for fish/seafood.

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  1. Not for dinner, but stop at murrays cheese and pick up white cow yogurt for breakfast tomorrow

    1. The sausage/ham/etc. selection at that German place always appeals to me.

      1. If you're thinking seafood, i like the first fishmonger(opposite LEX) better than the other. Not really sure why, maybe it was the $24 p/p wild striped bass filets he had last week. The fruit and vegetable woman(closer to LEX) always has good hard to find fresh items. Clealry no one is giving anything away in that market, its a total convience issue, but i have yet to buy anything bad in GCM.

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        1. re: baldwinwood

          I think generally the entire half of the market closer to Lex is better. The produce and seafood vendors are the best, plus you have the 2 Murray's shops on that side...

          1. re: ESNY

            FYI, the seafood stand closer to lex (farther east) is Wild Edibles, and is superior.

          2. re: baldwinwood

            I would watch out for pre-cut soft cheeses from Murrays. I bought a pre-cut Brie and it was truly awfu! Had to throw it out.