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Mar 26, 2009 11:33 AM

Looking for a good Salad in Westchester

Hi all, new to the boards here. Tried a few searches and couldn't come up with anything, so i apologize if this is covered in another post.

I'm in the White Plains area of Westchester, and looking for a good place to go for a healthy, yet tasty, salad.

I've tried Mix it Up on Mamaroneck Blvd in White Plains, but was not overly impressed with the quality. I'm hoping you guys know of someplace similar in the area, or even someplace not remotely similar with good salads.

Thanks, in advance, for the help!!

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  1. Hello, welcome. I also live in White Plains, and too am always on the lookout for a great salad. While my wife and I do enjoy a Mix It Up salad from time to time, the best salad we have encountered by far is a place called M.A.D. Cafe in Pelham (formerly Steam) - we try and get there once a week to enjoy them. They are also of the "make your own" variety, but with far superior ingredients (and size). It's a great little cafe with all sorts of great foods - sandwiches, smoothies, bakery goods, coffee - in addition to salads. Highly recommend it. Another salad that we enjoy that is in White Plains is the grilled chicken salad at City Limits diner. Nice, simple salad with a great dressing and really nice grilled chicken. Add a little avacado and it's all good. Best part is you get a nice bread basket along with it, which even has some corn bread! Love to hear what you think.

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      Thanks for the advice! I'l give the M.A.D. Cafe a try

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        We tried M.A.D Cafe yesterday for salads and really enjoyed it. The ingredients are excellent and the prices quite fair. Thanks for the recommendation!

      2. An excellent salad can be had at Lefteris in Tarrytown. Their small Greek salad is enormous and I always order it with grilled chicken strips. It comes with terrific warm pita bread. The place has no atmosphere and they work hard to turn the tables quickly - but it's great Greek food and very reasonable.

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          Oh no! I'm sorry, but Lefteries is awful (I absolutely cannot stand that large metal bowl they serve their salads in. Ugh. And their pita bread always tastes like it's been laying around for awhile.Their salad dressing is terrible too). I would definitely recommend going a few blocks into Sleepy Hollow and trying Santorini. They have wonderful salads, excellent food, and their staff is so friendly and they never rush you along like Lefteries does.

          1. re: bnc

            "Awful, Ugh terrible? Could you be more specific? I find the salad a great lunchtime meal, the pita is always fresh and I don't go if I want to linger.

            1. re: demifast

              I, too, enjoy their salad. It's always fresh and I love the dressing. To each there own.

              1. re: debmom

                I have had their salads and I have to say, it's mixed for me. Sometimes its really good, but I've had it where it was absolutely not fresh and truly awful. It was so bad I never got one there again.

              2. re: demifast

                I have only been there once, and that was enough.

                Their salad looked as if they had it laying around for some time. I was only able to take a couple of bites without being totally disgusted. The pita bread they gave with it was literally able to be cracked in half like a cracker because it was laying out for so long. The waiter knew something was wrong since I wasn't eating anything, and I told himI just wanted my check. I actually left there and walked down to Mint to grab a sandwich.

                I definitely think Santorini is a much better option. They are a couple of blocks up the street and their salad is filled with delicious fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, lots of feta cheese, nice slices of red onion, etc. The staff is always friendly, and it also helps that the rest of their menu is really great too.

                1. re: bnc

                  Have you been to Santorini lately? We were huge fans but the last few times we've been there, there has been a rapid decline in service and more importantly, quality of food.

                  1. re: Marge

                    I have to say I haven't been there as much as I like lately, and I'm surprised to hear that. I went maybe about a three weeks ago or so, but that was only for a small Greek salad, which seemed to be as good as all the other times I've been there.

              3. re: bnc

                LEFTERIS in Mt Kisco in the best, the salad is not served in a metal bowl, but served on a china dish.We order no onions, dressing on the side, and it comes with warm pita bread. The gyros are great, as well as any other dishes. We have taken out )approximately a 10 minute drive home, and the food is still hot and ready to eat. I would highly recommend this restaurant. The serving staff are wonderful, as well as the owners that welome you in and then as well on the way out..

            2. I like the you pick we toss salads at Katzenberg's Cafe in the Golden Horseshoe shopping Center Scarsdale (New Rochelle border). Very fresh. And lots of good sandwiches too. Great for kids.

              1. The Scarsdale Metro Diner is like THE salad spot. Its got a whole page of salads. The ingredients are top notch and their house dressing is SOOO good!

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                1. re: MikiLovesSugar

                  The one time I went to Scarsdale Metro the salad was mediocre iceberg lettuce and no flavor tomatoes. Very disappointing.

                  1. re: demifast

                    I have to agree about the Scarsdale Metro salads. They are big, but have no flavor whatsoever.

                    1. re: Shawn

                      Ask to change the lettuce... they are very accomodating

                      1. re: MikiLovesSugar

                        It's been a while, but I remember having been very impressed with a salad from La Provence, the casual restaurant on the fourth floor of Bloomingdales in White Plains which had some nice salads, particularly a mango, grilled chicken, goat cheese salad.

                        1. re: SharonNY

                          +1 on La Provence. I LOVE their salads. I get one with chicken, poached pears and candied walnuts that is sooo good! They have others that are also excellent, but that is my fave.

                    2. re: demifast

                      So I went to Scarsdale Metro on your recommendation this past weekend and I have to say it was somewhat unimpressive. My wife and I both agreed our salads were "fine", but certainly not close to the best salad I have had. M.A.D. Cafe in Pelham still holds the crown for me

                    3. re: MikiLovesSugar

                      agreed! their dressing- terrific. salads are fresh, huge and their chicken option to top salad, has the tastiest marinated, moist perfectly grilled chicken. It's a bit higher priced than other diners but unique to that style of diner eating. Even their turkey meat sauce pasta is good- wouldn't think of ordering italian at any diner- my husband did and we were amazed! yum.

                    4. I had a very tasty salad at a place called Hickey's Deli on Palmer Avenue in Bronxville. It's romaine lettuce, and then you choose what you want on your salad -- I had grilled chicken, blue cheese, bacon and avocados. You then choose your dressing and they mix it up for you and put it in a to-go container. They are quite large, and I thought it was very tasty for a take-out deli salad. Their sandwiches are also enormous. Don't even think of ordering a hero unless you're planning to share it with a couple of other people. My husband learned his lesson when he ordered one the first time he went there. Now he just gets it on a roll! But the salad was quite good.

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                      1. re: roxlet

                        Great to know! I was in there the other morning and was looking at the salad menu. It looked amazing. If they're really that big I may get one for hubby and me next time I don't feel like cooking dinner!