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Mar 26, 2009 11:29 AM

any decent pho in bethesda????


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  1. Rice Paddies Grill (across from Women's Market-besides Starbuck's) has pho.
    I have never had it before, but have liked the 2 other items I have ordered there.
    Maybe worth a try...If you do...please report back!

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    1. re: chicken kabob

      I've had their pho several times and think its very good. Definitely the best you'll find in Bethesda. And if you haven't tried the Indian carryout in the Women's coop you should. Her $5 combo is a steal.

    2. Elegantelliot,
      If there is good pho in Bethesda, I haven't found it in 3 years of looking. In fact, there is a serious lack of Vietnamese in Bethesda. I'm not sure why this is the case.