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Mar 26, 2009 11:24 AM

Scandinavian Festival @ Cal Lutheran 4/18 & 19

Yes, it is that time again - time for the Scandinavian Festival at Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks. This year, it is taking place on Saturday and Sunday, April 18 & 19. Great food and great fun to be had - don't miss the Lefse or Aebleskivers! Hope to see you there!

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  1. I have been missing this event every year and I am definitely making it this year. Anything in particular on the food front I should be looking for?

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      I always get the lefse (hard and time-consuming to make) and the aebleskiver. I usually get the "Viking Dog", which is good, but always wonder why I get it when I have a handful of grilled onions and mustard all over me (I always manage to have it fall apart on me). They have a meal plate of everything (meatballs, potatoes, lefse, can't remember what else) but I have never gotten that. I think there is also a breakfast or dinner, but have never made it to that. Maybe I will this year, since I am considering helping out at the SoN booth.

    2. I thought I posted this piece -- "Some Want Eggnog; Others, Lye-Cured Cod" -- from the NY Times at some point in the past, but the search engine didn't find it:

      After reading the article, you may not understand the attraction of lutefisk any better, but at least you'll see that its fans aren't completely out of their minds. Well, no, that's not true, either, but it is a nice story for Scandinavians and friends of the Scandinavian cuisines.

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        Yep, I eat Lutefisk at the Sons of Norway (Van Nuys chapter) every year in November. I always post about it beforehand inviting whomever wishes to come. Come and try it... it is not as bad as the rumors (note: NOT fishy at all - I think the issue people have is texturial). My family here in the US eats more Lutefisk than my family in Norway. Also, I am not sure what they are talking about in the article, but I have never noticed any smell while it is cooking (I prefer it boiled as they do at SoN vs. baked as my mom's cousin from Norway made it) or an "ashy" taste.
        Huell Howser reruns the episode of Visiting from the time he came about 10 years ago on PBS the week before - also, he showed up again last year.
        Either way, they don't serve it at the festival.

        1. re: WildSwede

          "My family here in the US eats more Lutefisk than my family in Norway".

          What? You're Norwegian and your handle is "WildSwede"?!

          Shame on you! ;)

          1. re: vinosnob

            Half Norwegian/Half Swede: WildSwede was a vanity plate I had YEARS ago! ;-)

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            I once lived in North Dakota. I used to travel frequently to Denmark and Finland and was married for a time to a beautiful woman of Norwegian extraction. So I've had lots of experience with Scandinavian food. My favorite Dakota dish (other than my ex-wife) was always sloppy joes with french fries and a lime coke. ;-) Seriously, there's an old, old drive-in up there that has fantastic sloppy joes, but the ethnic food -- freshly made lefse with butter and lingonberries, e.g. -- can also be wonderful. So I'll try to make it to the festival this year, now that you've gone on public record that no lutefisk will be seen or smelled within 100 miles of the place!