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Mar 26, 2009 11:20 AM

What is a good Panaderia on the Westside

Hey, I've had my share of panaderias and I guess I am just missing the good ones... but really there isnt any good panaderias on the westside (Palms/Venice/Santa Monica)??

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  1. Most of the small Latino groceries on the westside are pretty yucky. There is a bakery on the north side of Venice that is pretty popular with whole chickens for $5.95, clean and simple. With the population and buying power on the westside, there should be a place that has outstanding inexpensive produce and inexpnsive product with easy in and out, a clear winner, but I've yet to find it. So I hit the Trader Joe's, the farmers' markets, the sales at Ralphs and Vons, and I have little loyalty. I'd love to know where the real bargains or hidden quality is.

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      Like this place as well - it's COPPELIA'S BAKERY on Venice Blvd a few blocks west of Overland Blvd.

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        Coppelia's offers a lot of stuff in that long case in that narrow "shotgun" building. I've tried Coppelia's a couple of times but it just didn't do much for me personally. Maybe my mistake is that I'm trying the generic bakery stuff and not giving the more traditional panaderia stuff a shot.

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          Coppelia's is known for their Tres Leches cake though I have to say it's just too overwhelming for me. When someone brings one to a party I'm sure not above helping myself to too much but I wouldn't go commit to a purchased slice of it, IYKWIM. However, I've heard from various folks that many drive across the city for this famous speciality.

          10825 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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            Just down from Coppelia's is a pretty decent Cuban bakery, if that'll do. Good bolillos, especially if you get there early in the morning. Their beef and chicken pastries, and stuffed potato balls are also very yummy and cheap.

            Venice’s Bakery
            10943 Venice Blvd. (Military & Greenfield), Palms

        2. Two places on Inglewood in Mar Vista/Culver City get lots of turnover. Top Valu Market and Guadalajara Bakery. Top Value's breads and treats are pretty generic, inexpensive and the general quality is okay. My favorite item their is their jalepeno cheese bread - it's basically a bolillo stuffed with cream cheese and jalepenos. Guadalajara's selection is different, more homey, and reasonably priced as well. Both places get a fair amount of business in the morning, then it tapers off pretty fast - much like donut shops.

          Another place that I occasionally drop by is Antequera Panaderia on Ocean Park in Santa Monica. I believe the family is from Oaxaca. They do most of the traditional breads and some I don't see at other local panaderias. As much as I like this place, it has never been very busy when I've dropped by - I'm guessing it's due to its location. Unlike the two places in Mar Vista, this place has no large Latino community directly adjacent to it.

          If you're after just the basic "pineapple" buns, another place to try is Nijiya in West LA. They have a small baked goods section that is overflowing with small breads and buns. It's not traditional panaderia, but for me, it scratches the same itch.

          Top Valu Market
          4700 Inglewood Blvd
          Culver City, CA 90230

          Guadalajara Panaderia
          4506 Inglewood Blvd
          Culver City, CA 90230

          Antequera Bakery
          1704 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA

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            Thanks for the rave about the Ocean Park Panaderia... we go to Yoga near there and have wondered about them...

            The Salvadoran Panaderia at Centinela and Braddock has also come through to me in a pinch...


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              Dommy, I've only gotten the Salvadoran Panaderia's pupusas. The only pupusas that I know of that are deep within this part of the Westside. I know Gloria's has them too, but that's getting pretty far east. I'll have to drop by there the next time I'm in the area and give their other goods a try. Any suggestions? TIA.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                Good Quesadilla (The bread! Excellent with hot chocolate) and decent slices of tres leches cake (A little too wet, but not too sweet)


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                  Thanks - they're a hop skip and a jump from the bike path...

                  1. re: bulavinaka

                    Exactly.... and so is Mateos Palettas!! ;DDD


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                      I know I should feel guilty about not biking there, but we usually drive because we want to take some of the paletas home with us as well. ;)

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                  Also for Salvadoran food including Great pupusas try Ayala's on Venice a couple of blocks east of Sepulveda.

                  10953 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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                    That north side of Venice boulevard never ceases to amaze me - so many places that I've never noticed until someone points them out. Thanks, Matt!

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                      Unfortunately, Ayala's on Venice is closed. I don't know if it's recession related or if they have moved. But there was no sign posted on the door and I drove by on Sunday, March 29, 2009.

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                        I drove by friday and thought I'd missed it. Thanks for the update...

            2. How about El Sazon Oaxaqueno on Grandview and Washington Pl. I really like their stuff. Although I live near Top Value and Guadalajara and shop at both regularly, if it's just baked goods, I'll walk further to Oaxaqueno.

              In my opinion, they have a fresher higher quality than Top Value and a larger selection than Guadalajara. Still you can't really go wrong with any of the three. I sampled all three a few times before deciding which one I liked better. A tough task I know.

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                Thanks for bringing up El Sazon Oaxaqueno. We used to go there occasionally until CH's LA board ruined that by opening my eyes to Monte Alban. :) I used to get their pineapple tarts after having some good mole dishes and agua de tuna to wash it down.

                1. re: bulavinaka

                  Oh yeah, those tarts are my breakfast at least a couple times a month. I like the cream ones too. We walk past them on the way to the farmer's market on Sundays so I can only resist so often.

                  Wife loves moles. When we lived on Sawtelle near Olympic, we walked to Monte Alban frequently. A bit further walk now and she makes me drive her instead. I would love it if Oxaqueno's moles were enough to satisfy her.

                  1. re: Jase

                    Hindsight tells me that ESO's moles are a nice introduction to these amazing sauces. And because Oaxacan eateries are prevalent in the Westside, I guess it's easy to become a bit jaded about most of these as well - like movie and tv folks.

                    Out-of-area guests swoons, "Oh, there's (movie/tv star) _________ - that's amazing - I saw _________!!!"

                    Westsider says, "Hmmmmm..."

              2. Monte Alban has a small case in front. Tasty pan dulce.

                1. I know this is not the Westeside per se. However for the southbay hounds El Molino is as good as it gets here in the Southbay. The conchas are fresh around 2:00 p.m. daily.. Large bakery making stuff all the time. Good cakes as well.. Tongs and trays as well..

                  El Molino Bakery
                  15120 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA