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Mar 26, 2009 11:09 AM

Craving a spicy dinner tonight… suggestions?

Looking for a spot for dinner that has some good spicy options. I’m not looking for spicy hotness just to put hair on my chest (esp because I’m a woman), but would really love something with lots of different flavors, where some of those flavors happen to come from the chili pepper family. Open to any type of cuisine, not too expensive, in Manhattan below 34th st is preferred.

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  1. I guess you already went. If so, where?

    Anyway, below 34 St. is Koreatown, and I loved the tofu/seafood soup at Arirang. Other possibilities include some of the Grand Sichuan chain, such as their flagship 24th/9th location.

    My guess is that you'd get more suggestions if you posted to the Manhattan board.

    1. The Phaal curry at Chola on 58th st might do something to hair up that chest of yours.