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Wine with really low Alcohol percent

What are some of the choices for low Alcohol wines. I know of "Kedem Concord Kal" at 3.5%. Any others out there? I wouldn't mind some variety at the seder.

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  1. Rashi Malvasia is red at about 5%,Rashi Moscato is white at about the same percentage. They are both good. The Moscato is on the sweet side. Bartenura Moscato is not quite as sweet ,better I think, but I am not sure of the alcohol content.

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      Tops on Avenue U (East 28-29 ) has an Israeli Kal that is far superior to the Kedem product. There is also Zakon Red Muscatini @5% which is my favorite. Bartonura Malvasia is also a good low alcohol red wine. Tops has the best prices in Brooklyn by the case.

      1. Found this on the web.


        -Bartenura Moscato Piemonte (Italian) 6%

        -Bartenura Barbera Moscato (Italian) 5%

        -Bartenura Malvasia 2006 (Italian) 6%

        -Bartenura Freisa d'Asti (Italian) 10%

        -Carmel Young Moscato 2006 (Israel) 5.5%

        -Carmel Young Carignano 2006 (Israel) 5%

        -Freezante Red (Italy) 4%

        -Freezante White (Italy) 4.5%

        -Farbrengen Melody- (New York) 4%

        -Kalil Zion Fine Wine (Israel) 6%

        -Kedem Kal (all Kedem brand in 1.5 liter is non Mevushal) 3.5% (New

        -Kedem Cream Malaga (New York) 7%

        -Kedem Matuk Kal (New york) 4.5%

        -Kesser 770 (New York) 9%

        -Kinneret Ohra Kal 3% (Israel) 750 ml is Mevushal 1.5 ltr is not

        -Moscato di Carmel (Israel) 5.5%

        -Rashi Light/Red Concord (New York) 6%

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          Hey Marty
          Thanks for the list - does anyone here know whether we're talking Proof or ABV? Proof is going to be double the Alchohol By Volume...so are these wines between 10 and 20 proof and 5%-10% ABV, or 5-10 proof and 2.5%-5% proof?

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            He gave % signs, so they're all ABV. Also, I don't think I've ever seen wine listed by proof. Only hard liquor is listed by proof. So why would you even think these were proofs?

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              Good point. I asked because here this wine is listed as exaclty double what he listed:

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                Marty was most likely referring to the Bartenura Moscato, ie "the famous blue bottle"

        2. If you are considering the Bartenura Moscato (blue bottle) Sara Bee Moscato available at Trader Joe's is 5.5% by volume and is $5.99 per bottle.

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            Less sweet so I like it better than the Bartenura and my kids like it less. Bottle is not so pretty though.

          2. Wondering if there are any low alcohol kosher wines that are not sweet?

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              I imagine that the sweetness is necessary to counterbalance bitterness in less-fermented juice. I grew up not far from Napa and would drink the unfermented options when my parents went wine tasting. It was almost always Gawurtzrameiner, which is very sweet. My family grew a few vines worth of wine grapes and they were awful fresh off the vine. The fermentation process breaks down the unpleasant elements.

              tl;dr No. They need to be sweet to be palatable without the extra fermentation.

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                Thank you. That is the first time I have heard an explanation for this that made sense. So which of the available options are least sweet?

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                  You can try the Red by W. Might be a good bet.

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                    It's a decent wine. I"ve drunk it and cooked with it -- but it's 12% alcohol.

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                  No. Fermentation occurs when yeasts convert the sugar in the must (grape juice/unfermented wine) into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Sweet wines have the fermentation stopped at some point which leave sugar and means that less alcohol was produced. Fermenting a wine to dryness means that all the sugar was converted to alcohol and carbon dioxide which means that it will have more alcohol by volume.
                  (In theory one can use less ripe grapes with less sugar to begin with, but just as you wouldn't like eating unripe grapes it doesn't make very good wine.)
                  Like you mention 12% is about the absolute lowest for a dry wine.

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                    And yet, Kesser Eminent Dry exists. OK, it's classified as a semi-dry, but it's not sweet.

                2. Check out https://wwws.onlinekosherwine.com/ind...

                  Under "Any Variety" choose "Low Alcohol" then press "Find It" and you will be presented with a set of lower alcohol wine choices.

                  1. The Sarah Bee Moscato available at Trader Joe's is also a low Alcohol wine, And very reasonable priced for Kosher.

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                      But.... these are all sweet. I was asking if there is a low alc that isn't.