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Mar 26, 2009 09:35 AM

NYC Hound coming to Brussels & Munich for the 1st time! Please comment on our ideas!

Okay- so excited to be finally going to Europe. We are HUGE food and beer people so this trip is perfect for us. We of course want to see and do everything but only have a few days. We actually fly in London to start the trip and then will be taking a train to Brussels on Tuesday April 21st which will get us in around 4:00 and then we fly to Munich on Thursday the 23rd to get in around 7:00pm and fly out that Sunday.

So far this is what I'm thinking:

In Brussels we are staying at Le Meridian Hotel. I would love to find somewhere near our place where we could wake up and get some breakfast and coffee.

As far as things to do we are HUGE beer people so we plan to spend some good time in the Delirium Cafe. I also heard good things about the bars around Place St. Geary so we will go over there and maybe stop at Mappa Mundo and try to get a booth upstairs to people watch?

Then we need some mussels and frites. I was thinking Pre Sale maybe? I wanted to check out IN't Spinnekopke but I heard they were very rude to tourists. We are not tourists in the typical sense- just very laid back and looking to drink beers but I get worried about people being mean.

I thought maybe we would swing by the Belga Queen just for a drink to check out the decor. Do they have a regular bar to sit at?

Of course we need to get a waffle somewhere- any suggestions?

Lastly of course is chocolate at Marcolini (my favorite in NYC) and probably Whittmar. Anywhere else?

We would love to visit one of the old breweries - are any nearby?

Then in Munich the plan is to check into our hotel Thursday night and head straight to Weissebrau Haus for dinner of roast pork, potato pancakes and wheat beer. Then probably to Hofbrau House for beers to finish the night since it is next to our hotel.

The rest of the trip I face the same problem- where to have breakfast in the morning. Any recs? We really want to check out Spatenbrau Haus and the Viktualienmarket. And of course the brewery at the airport is on our list as well.

Any other suggestions? We really just want to eat and drink and will try almost anything. Thanks in advance- we cannot wait!!

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  1. The Spatenbrau Haus near the Opera is the best one of the Spaten group in town. Be sure to order the "pork breast" on the Weissesbrau Haus menu, not just roast pork.

    Never had better beer than Munich, and it was tops in every place we visited. Can't claim any favorites except I did not like the clear "Pearl" version of it at WeissebrauHaus, but since I was on my second pork dinner there that night ...because it is sooooooooooooo good.......... I didn't mind missing the beat on the beer.

    In fact, I came away with the feeling I had never drunk beer before my Munich visit. I have had some amber colored stuff in a bottle or from the tap for years, but if that was supposed to be beer compared to the elixer served fresh in Munich, I realize now I have been drinking some pretty bad stuff they call "beer" but can't even approximate the highly drinkable liquid that now is the real standard for beer.

    What a shame people really never learn what beer as a beveage is, and this is not just drinking beer to get drunk beverage, but beer as a very pleasant beverage accompaniment to a wonderful meal.

    Your plans sound good and a lot of fun. Enjoy and looking forward to your trip report when you get back. We loved our Christmas market time in Munich. Be sure and visit the Residenz palace and treasury in town.The "Hilter's Munich" walking tour was haunting and really gave you an intimate look at this part of the city's history. It takes you to a modest cafe where Hitler dined frequently and they still have the same porcelein urinals where ....... ahem ...... I imagine ......... oh well, whatever. Kind of nice to pay a tribute in your own way there.

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      That Hitlers Munich tour looks great but 2 1/2 hours seems long! Is there enough walking and information that it doesn't seem that lnng? We're the type of people who go to the Museum of Modern Art for no longer than two hours at a time.

      Thanks for specifynig to get the pork breast. I probably would have ordered the roast pork. Do you know if any of these places take reservation? I know most of the Brussels places said they liked a booking in advance.

      1. re: roze

        We just walked in and found places to sit, sometimes you sit at a table with other people. The waitresses will take care of you. They know their stuff and are happy to find you spots. Seems like these places are always busy.

        We asked for the English menus which helped us select. You can view the menu online for the Weisses Brauhaus and find that wonderful pork breast combo for about EU9 - a total bargain. You won't need anything else.

        The beer halls do not really operate like a sitdown restaurant. They are large, noisy, kind of feeding halls with standard dishes, from good to best depending on your choices. Glad to know you did your homework, you made good choices among the many, many other beer halls.

        The Hitler tour did involve a lot of walking and has two parts. We did both parts which included the lunch in the old cafe. If you are at all interested in this past history and the haunting clues to this time that still remain, by all means take it because it is unlike any other way to see this city.

        But if this part of German history is not high on your list of things to do, this is one fabulous city will much to offer all sorts of other interests. We had to miss a lot of other things to go on this tour, but that was high on our list so we had to made this hard choice to do some but never all of what this city has to offer. We really liked Munich. And if you can use the trams, you can ride around some of the other neighborhoods with ease and see a lot that way too.

        I believe the #17 or #15 (Marc??!? help) goes out to Gruenwald and back and takes you through a lovely part of the city. And another tram takes you across town and past all the highlights of down town and cross the river too.

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          glbtrtr, it is tram 25 that goes to Grünwald, 15 goes halfway (GrosshesseloherBrücke) and 19 goes right along Maximilianstraße and across the river.
          Good reputation for very (if not most) cultivated beer-selling has Nürnberger Bratwurstglöckl, right by the Dome (twin towers). They are one of the very few places selling beer out of a 100 liter wood barrel and sport an open fire grill, famous for sausages, among others.
          And 20 metres from Glöckl another popular and lively beer place: Andechser am Dom.

          1. re: Marc

            Thanks so much- we will look into both of those. One more question. Is it worth it to do a day trip out to one of those small town under the Alps. I heard the vew is magnificent and that there are small restarants with good homey food. Any thoughts on how to go about doing that and some places to eat?

            1. re: roze

              If it is your first trip to Munich and you have only 3 days I think it is not worth while to take the at least one hour trip - more with public transportation, that most likely brings you only to tourist traps.
              To get some countryside feeling and weather permitting visit the beergardens at Chinesischer Turm and Seehaus in the English Garden or the park of Nymphenburg castle with nearby Brückenwirt, a typical small local beer restaurant.

    2. I may be going to Brussels soon, also for two days, so I'm curious to hear how that part of your trip went. Where did you eat and drink?

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        My full review of those two days is here on my blog.

        We absolutely loved Delerium Tremons bar. We tried to go the first night pretty late and it was packed. We returned around 4:00 the next day and it was perfect. Incredible beer selection.

        Another place we loved for beer was Mappo Mudo. They have a nice little spot upstairs perfect for people watching. My favorite eating place was Morte Subite I think it was called? Just a nice little cafe with a good croque and nice staff. Hope you enjoy your trip!

      2. My wife and I are big fans of Der Pshorr. It's next to Vikualienmarkt, so it's easy to find. The interior is a great blend of traditional and modern beer hall and their roulade is the best I've ever had.

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          Ditto my husband and myself. We found this place last year and ended up there several times, as the cooking at the usually wonderful Weissesbrauhaus was NOT up to par.

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