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Mar 26, 2009 09:29 AM

Restaurant near Evergreen Cemetery

I need some advice. I am helping a friend plan a lunch after a funeral at Evergreens Cemetery- right on the brooklyn/queens boarder. Can anyone please recommend a restaurant nearby that could accommodate about 20 or so people? I am not really sure what exactly that neighborhood is- Bushwick? Bed/Stuy? East New York? Thanks!

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  1. In nearby Glendale (over on the Queens side of the border) there is a German restaurant called Zum Stammtisch (from what I understand, the neighborhood once had many more restaurants catering to its significant German population). I haven't been, but some people on this board say it's pretty good and pretty authentic.

    In general, my guess is you'll have more luck finding a comfortable sit-down style place on the Queens side of the cemetery, around Glendale or Ridgewood. Good luck.

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      Zum Stammtisch can handle the crowd. They have a few dining rooms. The food is OK, not great, but the beer is good.