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Mar 26, 2009 09:27 AM

Mileground in Morgantown, WV

I know I'm probably on the wrong board...but maybe someone here knows the answer. Apparently there is a new restaurant/bar on the mileground in Morgantown , WV near the Back Bay...does anyone know what it is called?

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  1. I went past one last week, just below Back Bay called Yesterdays. It is part way down the hill in a small shopping center. I looks like a new building.

    1. Yesterday's is located in a new shopping center, Northpointe Plaza, about a quarter-to-half mile from Back Bay (heading away from Morgantown). It opened last fall, and I've heard that they are still having problems hiring adequate help so going there on a weekend evening may mean a long wait. We passed it around 9pm last Saturday and it was very busy.

      A note, just a couple buildings from Back Bay is a wonderful Indian Restaurant (I believe it's called Cafe of India). If you enjoy that kind of food, definitely try it. :)