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Mar 26, 2009 09:23 AM

Snacking Food

So 6 of us are getting together on Saturday night to watch a movie. My sister will be making her famous spinach dip (actually Martha Stewarts:)) and others are bringing chips, drinks, cookies, etc. I would like to bring something interesting, and perhaps hot, but can't come up with any ideas for some reason.
The problem is I have 1 celiac coming and I can't have dairy.
Please inspire me!!!

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  1. I love to munch on Rick Bayless' Chipotle Shrimp when I want snacking food, but not the usual corn chips, popcorn, etc... They can be served hot, but are also great at room temp, and I believe they aren't a problem considering your dietary constraints.

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      Thanks for recommending this recipe. I had it for dinner tonight and it was great! It was easy to put together, sooo flavorful and healthy too.

    2. Popcorn tossed in olive oil with chile powder and lime.
      Make a spicy version of Mark Bittan's polenta pizza (polenta as crust, skip the cheese). Could do a thin layer of smashed beans (or refried beans), with veggie topings (and cheese and/or Greek yogurt on the side for non-celiacs).
      Spicy hummus with crudite (including endive for scooping). There are lots of gluten free products (e.g., chips) at Whole Foods, etc.
      You can make salami chips (bake slices of salami til crisp).

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        oooo the salami chips sound AWESOME!!!!! I'm going to hold off on that about 1 month because I have some nice fresh salami curing in my cantina as we speak. I think I'm going to go with the flavoured popcorn, and maybe do a whole bunch of dips...hummus, baba ghanouj, maybe something with goat cheese. Thanks for the suggestions.

      2. Check out the NY times Dining Out yesterday... They had a section on two people doing a cook-off, a dinner for 4 for under $50. One of them cooked mexican, and made spicy peanuts as a starter. Looked really good.

        1. One of my favorite party snack foods is a stir fried edamame with garlic and chile. It's addictively good!


          1. mmmm, was going to say flavored popcorn and flavored nuts (easy and delish), nice spicy salsas are great too, make your own pita chips too. Make up a nice spicy breadstick:

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              Speaking of which, I have never made a homemade salsa! I always buy either Tositos or President's Choice. Does anyone have a salsa recipe for me? I would assume that in any case, I would be able to control the spice right?

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                ooooh, salsa is fun and easy and you can build on it, check out this simple one:

                Personally I love sweet, hot and salty so I use this as my base then add some sweet to it, be it apples, mango is great, I've done peaches, pineapple - you get it!!!

                Have fun, you can even make a couple different ones, adding corn or beans too.

                Make a nice quacamole for dipping too.

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                  and you can add some crabmeat or shrimp, then fill those phyllo cups - so nice and refreshing.

                  1. re: lexpatti

                    Be careful with the Celiac. She can't have pita or phyllo dough.