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Mar 26, 2009 09:16 AM

scary mint ice cream-

hi... I made the base for the mint ice cream posted on Epicurious. It tells me to blend 2 cups of packed mint leaves in the blender with the cream and milk then simmer and proceed with eggs and sugar as usual. the mixture worries me. it looks like mint pesto and it freaks me out because it is so green. i had a taste of it while it was warm and i was kinda grossed out... not sure if i don't like hot minty cream or the ice cream is a disaster... yes it smells like grass...

have any of you used this recipe before?

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  1. I haven't used this recipe, but it reminds me of the Ciao Bella mint choc. chip ice cream, which also tasted very herbal--realistic, I suppose, but not what I was looking for.

    Two cups is a lot of mint! I saw that some of the reviewers halved the amount, but then, the opinions in the reviews were all over the place, weren't they? -- some LOVED the recipe as is, and some just hated it.

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      I always think it's hilarious to read those reviews, since so many of them rave about a recipe, but then note a half-dozen modifications they made themselves.

      Especially when it comes to seasoning, I find the comments are almost always off-base.

      1. re: dmd_kc

        It's so typical of Epicurious reviews.
        9 times out of 10, reviewers have substituted or modified their way into a completely different dish :)

    2. Hi! I compared your Epi recipe to one we made from NPR this summer. This was one of the best ice creams I ever had. Note: your recipe calls for a half cup more of mint leaves than ours did.

      I have to say--I always taste ice cream in progress as I make it, and it was delicious through and through. Maybe start over with a new recipe if you don't like the taste already? It shouldn't smell like grass. ;)

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        Because ice cream and sorbet are eaten very cold, the flavour profile gets dulled and changed a little. I generally make the custard/base a little too sweet and a little too pungent while warm; this usually translates into ice cream that is "just right."

      2. It seems like all herbs smell and taste like grass if they are chopped wet. Maybe blending the mint with the cream to chop it has the same effect. I would try washing then drying the mint and then proceed with the recipe. If that produces the same problem, chop the dried mint before putting it in the blender. Maybe more trouble than it's worth. . .

        1. If you're not used to fresh mint ice cream, you will have the reaction you had. It's not like the fake stuff that's sold in groceries, where they use peppermint extract. Fresh mint is grassy and in my opinion, far superior. But others may prefer peppermint extract.

          1. hum... i wanted to know what people though. I guess i've never made real mint ice cream and was looking for something different. i guess my expectations are not the same. i think i'll go home an pour it in the ice cream machine regardless. maybe chocolate will make it better. if not, i can always make another batch of plain base and dilute the mint by half...

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              Just remember, it will taste much stronger before its frozen. thats why if you taste any homemade ice cream before freezing it, it'll taste too sweet or too flavorful, for lack of a better word.