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Mar 26, 2009 09:15 AM

Quiet lunch near Columbus Circle?

Hello, I need to have a business lunch (for 2 persons) near Columbus Circle tomorrow. Any ideas for somewhere simple, not expensive, and quiet, and which will take reservations or not be so busy that we can't get a table? Thanks!

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  1. The acoustics in Landmarc in the Time Warner Center are a bit strange -- parts of it can be oddly loud -- but you'll be fine if you sit in one of the booths behind the bar. Lunch isn't too expensive (many simple lunch options are $15 or under) and although they don't take reservations for parties of fewer than, I think, five or six, it's not so busy that you won't be seated immediately at lunch. The space is quite large.

    I'm not entirely clear on your price range or how far you can stray from Columbus Circle. Feel free to specify if Landmarc isn't to taste.

    1. If you dont mind sushi, damo damo across the st on 58th is nice.

      1. Jean-Georges' lunch is the best bargain in town. Check out their website.