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Mar 26, 2009 08:58 AM

Vegetarian Entree

I was preparing to make steaks for a dinner I am having tomorrow when my husband invited two more friends one of whom is vegetarian. My menu so far was: Steak, Greek salad, Parmesan potatoes, asparagus with wasabi mayonnaise. Should I switch to an all vegetarian menu...or make a vegetarian entree for the vegetarian? If I do that any ideas for the vegetarian entree? I bought the steaks this morning...but don't want to make a big deal about her diet choice. Thanks for your thoughts...and any favorite veg entree suggestions you may have.

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  1. What I would do is make the steaks and thin slice on a large platter, then may grill some fresh veggies and also put on the platter, so each can take their own and it doesn't look like you just did it for her. Some stuffed portabellos with a little stuffing and fresh cheese would be great slice of cut in quarters. Fish or not, depending on what she eats? The salad and potatoes sound good, but check, cheese can be a factor depending on what she will eat. Go with a great appetizer tray, something simple and quick, Maybe a pesto or some roasted tomatoes on a bruscetta or a chick peas spread with some fresh arugula and sun dried tomatoes. An easy start and you can always put in on the table during dinner which is great..

    Eggplant, squash, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions are great with steak, put a small bowl of gorgonzola if they like or you do some herbed butter for flavor and maybe some pesto for a dipping sauce or roasted red peppers. Most can all be done on 1 sheet in the oven for 20 minutes. Nothing fancy,

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      Good idea with the grilled vegetables, but I'd put them on a separate platter. :)

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        Pesto (even store bought) is great on egg plant, just sliced and then baked with the pesto. Last 5 minutes add mozzarella fresh and bread crumbs. Bake. Great dish Simple pretty and easy. Just reheat before serving.

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          Yeah, the vegetarians I know would rather not have their meals swimming in meat juices. Ummm, meat juices

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            Very true. I usually which I should of mentioned, but as a caterer I just do it. I usually put my roasted veggies on a bed of lettuce when I also add meat to the same plate for just that reason. I like the contrast but realize the juice. I just automatically do that.

            Good Point. I even do that for my best friend who comes over a lot. He doesn't eat meat but I do.

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                I was in agreement, not disagreeing. I do separate so there are no juices. I use one platter when catering, no juice comes near the vegetables.

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            As a former vegetarian I can't agree with this point strongly enough. A veg. will very much not want meat juices on their vegetables.

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            just have to add that as a former vegetarian with vegetarian friends - if I see one more portabello mushroom cap I am going to SCREAM!

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                3+ but am happy that they least thought of me (kinda)

                1. re: alwayscooking

                  +4 (but scream with my inside voice) since it's nice they thought of me

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                Overused as it is, I just can't turn down a giant mushroom -- assuming, of course, that it's cooked properly.

            1. Being a vegetarian I'd feel perfectly happy with Greek salad, Parmesan potatoes and asparagus as a meal. Maybe you could bump up the quantity of all three to make certain the vegetarian will have enough of those goodies to make a meal. If you feel the need for a protein main then Alton Brown's eggplant steaks would work (though skip the Worcestershire sauce unless you have the vegetarian (no fish) variety): These are very easy, good and fun, too.

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                those eggplant steaks look delish.. shame i used up my eggplant last night!

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                  that's exactly what I thought; salad, potatoes and asparagus will be enough. Most vegetarians make do with what is served and eat what they can, they don't expect the entire meal to revolve around their dietary restrictions.

                2. The Eggplant Red Pepper Tomato Sauce in Chow Recipes is very good. If you added mushrroms and reduced it so it's a little thicker, it would do double duty as a main dish and a hearty side.

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                    I second the red pepper tomato sauce and very filliing as well as a good topper for rice or anything really

                  2. Thank you all for your help...went with grilled veggies...Cooks magazine had a good article this month on how to. Put the steaks on a separate platter as suggested. It worked well. The eggplant steaks looked great...will try them another time as I love eggplant.

                    1. Cook a couple of large field mushrooms for the veggie. They'll go well with everything else you're having.