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Mar 26, 2009 08:48 AM

Where have you bought fresh kaffir lime leaves in the past month?

My freezer stash is dwindling .....

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  1. 2 weeks ago from the Cambodian markets on Shirley Ave. in Revere near Floating Rock resto. Also fresh curry leaves, lemon grass, bird chilies, etc.

    1. angkor watt market on shirley ave in revere always has fresh kaffir lime leaves. saw them there just this morning. $1 per pack

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        Another thing I like about this market (diagonally across from Floating Rock) is you can get fresh quahogs that you pick out yourself from the sack. Not the petite clams that you see around (if you can find them at all - and they really are more like cherrystones than quahogs), but big mother clams with insides that really must be cut up for proper cooking and consumption. If only I had known about this place a couple of months ago, in high chowder season... Thanks ever so much Galangatron for introducing this shopping area to us!

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          the market diagonally across the street from floating rock is angkor thom market. they have fresh quahogs but stopped selling kaffir lime leaves last spring. angkor watt market is a few doors down from floating rock. they always have fresh kaffir lime leaves

      2. Russo's market in Watertown has had them the last few times I've been there.

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          Note that Russo's price (for a small plastic container) has been $3.49 over the past couple of weeks. If you are making a trip just for the lime leaves and can get to Shirley Avenue you will get a better deal by far.

          OTOH, I make several Russo's runs a week anyway - can't beat that convenience factor.

        2. You can buy a kaffir lime tree and have fresh leaves year round (we have one, and it's awesome). I think we got our from here:
          They're not too big and keep well indoors.

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          1. re: Sgt Snackers

            Logee's in CT also sells kaffir lime plants:

            I've bought other houseplants from them and always been quite happy with them.

          2. THANKS EVERYONE!!

            I have friends who live in Revere and I'd ask them to pick me up some, but they wouldn't know a kaffir lime leaf from a dachshund. So, I'll be making a trip up soon. I'd rather buy a bunch at a cheaper price and freeze them.

            I might try growing a tree, but interior gardening is not my thing. I can kill silk plants. But the indea is very intriguing ....