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Mar 26, 2009 08:44 AM

Nashville: Lunch and Dinner recommendations

I'm taking my mother to Nashville and would like to hear some of your lunch and dinner recommendations. We'll need a place for dinner before the Tuesday Opry, and the next day a place for lunch after shopping the malls and other areas....

I was thinking about going back to Radius 10 for dinner but I hear they've closed.

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  1. Try 1808 Grille in the Hutton Hotel for dinner.

    Grille 1808
    1808 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

    1. well ... what kind of food/price range? Area of town? For example, which mall, and do you want to stay in that area or free to go elsewhere?

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        Thank you, jaime. I'll take a look at 1808 Grille for dinner.
        TLF - We'll be at the Mall of Green Hills and stores on Franklin Rd and Sidco Dr. Looking for a quality, independent, chef-owned place to take my mother to lunch in those areas or on the drive toward Memphis. Any food or budget, but we'll be dressed casually.

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          In the Green Hills area, I enjoy Firefly Grille- small, ever changing menu, funky interior, but homey and friendly at the same time. Enjoy....

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              I second Firefly in Green Hills. There's also Macke's, a little more expensive I believe. If you like Japanese, Shintomi is very good. In the new Hill Center development, there is a branch of the local Provence Bakery & Cafe, as well as nearby Bread and Company. The Whole Foods store has an enormous food bar area, or you can sit at a counter in another part of the store to have something cooked to order.

              By "Sidco Drive" I'm assuming you mean 100 Oaks? There's really not that much shopping-wise there, unless you're going to prowl around the little shops in the neighboring Berry Hill area. 100 Oaks itself has some outlet stores, a Michaels, and an Electronic Express. It is now primarily an outpost of Vanderbilt Medical Center. Still, the Berry Hill shops are fun. In that area my favorite restaurant by far is The Yellow Porch, for lunch or dinner. In fact, YP is one of my favorite spots in Nashville as a whole.

              I'm not as familiar with the Cool Springs / Franklin area. I've heard good things about Basil, Red Pony, Saffire, and there's a new Russian restaurant that's gotten excellent reviews, the name escapes me but I believe there's been a review in the local weekly paper: