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Mar 26, 2009 08:23 AM

Where to buy Sushi making equipement

My son's birthday and he wants to make his own sushi.

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  1. Most large grocery stores have a sushi section which will have bamboo mats, nori, and seasoned vinegar. That's pretty much all you need equipment-wise, apart from a sharp knife and whatever ingredients you choose to fill your sushi rolls with. Don't forget to cover the bamboo mats with plastic wrap to prevent the rice from sticking to it!

    1. Sanko - great Japanese grocery store with everything you need. Queen west of Spadina, north side of the street. Have fun!

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        Close but Sanko's located at Queen and Claremont, about four blocks west of Bathurst.

        1. re: ChalkBoy

          Thank you very much for you help..i will head over to Sanko after work.

          1. re: ribboy

            Be prepared to pay more at Sanko than you would at Sobey's or Metro or Loblaws... Great store, definitely has everything you're looking for, but it's not cheap. You can also get everything you need at any large asian supermarket, such as T&T.

      2. Tap Phong trading would likely have most of what you need at reasonable prices. I purchased a sashimi knife there at a good price and it is serving me well.