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Mar 26, 2009 08:09 AM

Looking for FRESH pita

We just moved from the middle east to NoVA, and I'm having a nightmare of a time finding fresh pita. I've been to Lebanese Taverna but the pre-packaged pita is borderline stale to me. I'm not expecting hot, right out of the oven pita, but I would like something decent. I've looked in all the supermarkets to no avail. Can anyone help? I'm also looking for decent tahina, zattar, etc but I can order those online if need be, or I can go to NY.

Thanks for helping a newcomer.


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  1. hi! there's a new pita place in the arlington courthouse square. i haven't been there so i don't know how fresh the pita is but i would assume it's homemade if the whole concept of the eatery is based on pita.

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      That's The Perfect Pita, a sandwich and "pizza" shop. I suspect that they use pita from their own local bakery, not baked on the spot in the store. It's available packaged at Whole Foods.

    2. oh and also, at mourayo in dupont circle, very good fresh-baked pita. at cafe 8 in eastern market they have homemade ekmek which is similar to pita, at least to me, and it is very good, although the rest of their food isn't outstanding, it's all good for the price.

      1. Try Meditteranean Bakery on Pickett Road in Alexandria. They may have some of the things you want

        352 S. Pickett St.
        Alexandria, VA 22304

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          You can expect "hot, right out of the oven" pita at the Mediterranean Bakery, it comes out every hour or so. Their hummous is the best in the area. They have everything else you can expect from a top notch Lebanese goods supplier including fresh almonds when in season.

        2. I know that Yekta market in Rockville has lots of fresh flat breads, although I remember mostly Afghani type stuff. They probably have some of the other items you're looking for as well.

          1. You can get fresh pita at the Moby Dick's House of Kabob places. Pita comes with their meals, but you can get some to go. There are several Virginia locations.

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              I've had great pita (and chicken kebobs) at Moby Dick....