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Group dinner in SF

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Looking for group dinner suggestions for a bachelorette party. We need great food/drinks, lively atmosphere, slightly upscale, not outrageously expensive, and must be able to take reservations for a party of 25ish. Must be foodie proof...lots of NY food snobs in the group. Thanks!!

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  1. That's pretty difficult because most places in SF aren't really geared towards large parties. Nopa has most of what you're looking for, but I'm not sure they will take 25. I think A16 has a party room. Kokkari is big enough, but might be out of the price range.

    1. Moss room? Their site says they can accommodate large groups.

      Tres Agave also has a few different sized private rooms.

      Tres Agaves Restaurant
      130 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107

      Moss Room
      55 Music Concourse Drive, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA

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        I think the Moss Room is more nerdy than lively.

        Tres Agaves might be a good fit for a bachlorette party, especially during game day. Although...the food might not be up to snuff if some guests are really fussy. Enough tequila ought to make anything taste good though.

      2. Looks like Sutro's Cliff House also accepts group reservations, though with some limitations that may or may not work for you: http://www.cliffhouse.com/sutro/party...

        Sutro's at The Cliff House
        1090 Point Lobos Ave., San Francisco, CA 94121

        1. Not sure why I'm obsessing on this, but...

          another idea (not that I've eaten there) is the Presidio Social Club. They accomodate large parties: http://www.presidiosocialclub.com/spe...

          Presidio Social Club
          563 Ruger St., San Francisco, CA 94129

          1. Aziza is a bit off the beaten track (way out in the Richmond) but they have a private room that could probably accommodate that many people. As for the food snobs Chef Lalouh just won Iron Chef... but anyone who has ever eaten here could have told you that the only thing better than the ambiance in this place is the terrific food.

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              Also, they have some very interesting cocktails.

            2. Hands down a great place for a bachelorette party would be the private dining room at Absinthe in Hayes Valley. Food is pretty good, they will set up a bar in the private dining room and do it well - not need to go into main restaurant for your drinks. If your guests smoke, the private dining room has its own entrance so do not need to go through the restaurant to get outside. Have hosted 2 private parties there and both were great for food and execution.

              1. Pres A Vi in the Presidio has great food, classy atmosphere and is not as expensive as Absinthe. We booked the side room for a party of 24 and loved the wines there.