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Mar 26, 2009 07:07 AM

San Diego Mexican near Midway Museum

Hello from a new member. We will stopping in San Diego for the first time after a drive down the coast, and are planning on touring the Midway on a Tuesday afternoon in May. Our hotel is near the airport since we have an early departure Wend. Is there decent Mexican in this general area? We will have a car and GPS but would like to avoid a long drive back to the hotel if possible. This will be our last night in California for this trip so I'd like to go somewhere with a nice atmosphere. If a seafood place on the water would be a better choice that would be fine, also. We will actually be there 2 nights, although arriving late afternoon on Memorial day. Any recommendations appreciated since we have absolutely no familiarity with the area.

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  1. The best Mexican restaurant nearest to the Midway looks like a cinderblock and has no seating. OTOH, their pastor is very tasty. Do you want pretty or do you want good?

    Oops , this would be a better lunch place, I just noticed you were looking for dinner.

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      Yeah, Mexican Fiesta is probably not the place you'd want to go for a nice dinner - but the al pastor tacos are fantastic. Luckily, the airport is fairly central. Being that this is dinner, you probably would want to avoid the taco shops. So, maybe El Agave, which is good, or for seafood, maybe. . .hmm. . .not sure.

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        I looked at El Agave's website and it looks like exactly what I had in mind. Thank you.

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        Mexican Fiesta is GREAT but it is take-out only. By the way - to the ejbjr - "pastor" means tacos al pastor - shepherd-style tacos - spiced chopped roasted pork ... mmmmmmm!!!

      3. Candelas does upscale Mexican. They've got a place on 4th in the Gaslamp that's close to the embarcadero, short cab or trolley ride from the waterfront. They've also got a new place called Candelas By the Bay in Coronado. You can take the water taxi from the embarcadero across the bay to the ferry landing in Coronado where Candelas by the Bay is located. Here's the link -

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          The Candelas in the Gaslamp was mentioned favorably in a guidebook I have, but I did not know there was one on the water. The setting looks spectacular. I had planned to drive over and see Coronado but the idea of a boat ride combined with dinner sounds better. Thanks.

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            I actually can't think of a better place to go.

        2. There is always Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town. It is a little touristy, but also good.

          1. I was pleasantly nodding my head in agreement with my friend as we noshed on some of THE tastiest fish tacos at THE BRIGANTINE on Shelter Island in Point's not a Mexican restaurant but it's conveniently close to the airport. The weather is beautiful here in San Diego right now that Happy Hour on the veranda of this restaurant will go a long way on your pocketbook and your tummy! It did for me and my friend!
            If you had more time...El Callejon in Encinitas - and Frida in Chula Vista - are muy bueno!