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Jun 5, 2004 12:56 PM

Brite Spot

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Anyone been to the Brite Spot in Echo Park? Drive by in all the time but haven't stopped..

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  1. If longevity weighs in as a factor I used to go there fore breakfast with my Dad 45 years ago. Sometimes for lunch and the hamburgers were good. Haven't been there in at least 35 years. I also keep looking and thinking about dropping in.

    1. I've been in the last month, and although I don't think the food is that great, it does fill the diner niche and has some interesting clientele.

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      1. re: Ninja

        How does it compare to other coffee shop/diners in the vicinity (e.g., Crest on Sunset, Astro Family Restaurant)?

        1. re: Jack Flash

          I couldn't compare because I've only had dinner once at Crest, which I thought was not very good, and never had anything other than breakfast at Brite Spot. I think Eat Well does a better breakfast and The Corner Bakery has much better coffee, but it is open very late, which could more than satisfy one's late night diner food craving.....

          1. re: Ninja

            Is there a Corner Bakery in that vicinity?

            1. re: JJ

              Sorry, not corner bakery, but Back Door Bakery (I got ahead of myself). It's located on 1710 Silverlake Blvd. They have awesome coffee and pretty decent pastries.

      2. I went about six weeks ago. It's nothing to write home about, but the pancakes were quite good. My friend had a burger, which she said was good, again nothing terribly special. What we ate was solid but not necessarily spectacular or all that memorable, but then we didn't really expect much more. It was a notch above the IHOP/Denny's level, though. I noticed on the big chalkboard that they have some interesting daily specials like goulash, and the menu had some more experimental options.

        I'd say the Brite Spot is a coffee shop in the Swingers/Fred 62 vein, with hipster affectations in the d├ęcor (Moroccan light fixtures), menu (tofu everywhere), and service (tattoos must be an employment requisite). But it's not as pretentious as either of those two places, as befits Echo Park. As the "scene" travels down Sunset from Silverlake to Echo Park, I expect the Brite Spot's going to get more and more popular.

        1. I went to the Brite Spot this morning after learning that the cook at the Coffee Table was not in. I had not been to the Brite Spot for about 4-5 months for breakfast since I had the worst Denver omelette I have ever had - instead of diced ham, bell peppers and onions in was strips of the same and it looked like garbage. This morning I asked the server if they still had the same cooks and he said yes. Well, I thought what can they do to oatmeal - it was the bad - they used too much water to cook it and it was runny and not edible. The English muffins were not available as the machine was broken.

          I complained and and just paid for the coffee. This place is not worth wasting your time to go to anymore - it was closed for several days - wonder why - now there's a B rating in the window folks!

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          1. re: Chata

            I refuse to go anymore and when i'n dragged late at night. Awful awful place. Astro is better.

            1. re: Hershey Bomar

              Another thumbs up for the Astro. Great breakfasts, burgers and NYC style Greek diner fare. I had some terrific lamb chops there as a special a few months ago - I think it was $14 or so.