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Mar 26, 2009 05:53 AM

Are all the lobster stocks salty?

once i made lobster stock from a whole fresh live lobster. what i want to know is that whether lobster stock made with only its body would be salty enough.when finished.
even though i do not doubt its extracted flavor, i am not certain about the issue above.
could anyone answer my questions?

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  1. Please tell me you didn't boil an entire lobster into oblivion at the expense of simply making stock... Lobster shells and body are perfectly acceptable to use AFTER you have removed the meaty parts.

    Anyway, why do you not simply add salt if its not salty enough?

    1. I typically don't salt my stocks preferring to salt the recipe that the stock becomes part of.

      I made my wife lobster crepes for V-day and used everything left over after our dining.

      Within a couple of days, then made a bisque with the stock.

      1. Yes, lobster stocks have a natural saltiness. Do not add any salt until final seasoning of what ever dish you are making...though I would give the same advice when making any stock.

        1. Lobster oil as well as stock is generally made from the bones/shell, after removing the meat. I agree with what everyone else has said--never worry about the saltiness of any stock until it's done. Salt can be added, but compensating for an overly salted stock is less than ideal in any situation.