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Mar 26, 2009 04:51 AM


Has anyone been here? There was a review in City Paper plus I found a few more blogs mentioning it as well. Looks promising. Thinking about trying later this week. Bonus is that they serve Okonomoyaki

I hope it's good as this would be a huge step for Asian dining in Baltimore.

Famous Yakitori One
2101 Maryland Ave
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 332-1100.

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  1. Let us know what you think when you go!

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      I'm totally stoked to go there. We haven't had Okonomoyaki since the Japanese Pancake House in Amsterdam. On a side note, we went to Jong Kak for table top BBQ and it was fantastic! What a great corner.

    2. My fiance was reluctant to go at night because of the location (lots of police activity down the block when we left), but was totally won over by the food and the feeling of, well, being transported to some other place. It was like leaving Baltimore. The decor is hilarious--a map of the Tokyo subway system covered with dollar bills with Japanese writing. And there was a steady stream of Japanese cool-kids coming in for sake and yakitori on a Saturday night. And good music.

      I had the okonomoyaki (my first time ever) which was pretty authentic in description--piping hot and looking alive with the bonito flakes in motion. I loved the texture and the flavor of the pancake/pizza, but wasn't so keen on the sauce used--very strong and salty and a lot of it. That may be a personal preference. I also tried onigiri for the first time and it was amazingly delicious for just a block of rice made crispy on the outside. And the squid was excellent. My fiance had a bento box, which he loved.

      Service was not terribly attentive but everyone there was really, really nice.

      We really enjoyed trying a different style of Japanese food and we'll be going back.

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        Agreed--it's good, but the block has people living on it and moving through it of note. City police I asked outside said watch out--even North Avenue is safer. There are four versions of okonomyaki. It was completely overwhelmed last visit, so don't go weekend early evenings.

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          do they have shabu-shabu? or pork katsu? the last time i had either of these i was in japan. looked online for a menu..didn't see one. I love the cuisine, which is done as badly as chinese food here in bmore. so sick of crappy offerings, like Ra, chui's.
          usually, i make my own. but it would be so nice to have dinner and not clean up after myself

      2. Any idea whats going on with this place, it seems to be closed for "construction" with no reopening date posted.

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          I called their number and the person answering said that they are renovating and will be re-opening, they just don't know when. They have a big JHU following so hopefully they will re-open by the end of the summer.

        2. any word on this place or can we assume that it's closed for good