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Mar 25, 2009 09:31 PM

simi valley newbie

hey all
i have recently started spending a lot of time in simi valley and want to know what good eats are in that area? i am a westside foodie and aside from pho so have not had much good food in simi. any recs? i don't eat red meat but all other ideas are welcome. and if you know any good date spots, that would be welcome too!

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  1. Although I now live in another state, my family lives in the area and The Egg House is our standard breakfast haunt in Simi. A family owned place where the courteous staff are well trained and the food is consistently delicious. Complimentary bread is tasty & always welcome, service is efficient and pleasant, and the prices are fair. This place feels a bit like you would imagine Cheers would if it was open for breakfast & brunch.

    I hope this isn't inappropriate to list here, but forgive me if so; you can find more info, including their menu, on at

    1. welcome to the culinary wasteland

      As a self-declared "westside foodie" there's nothing out here we can recommend that won't disappoint.

      That in mind, here are a few suggestions that I think you'll find least-offensive:

      Sushi, fish is fresh, go omakaze to get the best of the day, good service

      Red Fish
      the space is the nicest in the valley, good date spot if she's not a foodie

      Natual Cafe
      obviously quite casual, but tough to argue with 100% natural, all organic

      Don Cucos
      competent Americanized 'mexican' fare, fun place to get your drink on

      and, well done, you've already discovered Pho So

      good luck

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      1. re: Dinnyin

        I am sorry I have not replied to this post. I have not been feeling well. I will keep it to the point and make as few errors as possible. OK-A few places come to mind. Just a few though..

        Red's BBQ-decent bbq. It's a S.V. favorite. In the days now of everything closing up RED's has just remodeled and is doing a bang up business. They have specials every night and they bring you these tremendous martini shaped glasses filled with ice cream desserts free on some nights.

        Szechuan Garden. Good solid chinese food. Located next to the Edwards Theatres at about 1457 LA Ave, near First Street.

        SimiPho is in the same plaza as S.G. My stepson loves this place. I have not tried it.

        Paul's Italian Villa-2585 Cochran Street at Sycamore St. It's "just ok" Italian food in my opinion. They are always crowded so maybe I am too picky.

        Don Cuco's-as mentioned above. Usually good mexican food. Great drinks too. 3991 Cochran St at Tapo Canyon

        In the new Simi mall are a few places. I can't vouch for any of them because I avoid the mall. Malls suck IMO.

        At 2910 Tapo Canyon Road at Alamo near the Police Dept and city hall there is a plaza which has a few places like Hamburger Habit, Sharkey's, Macaroni Grill and more.

        By the Regan Library (considered Wood Ranch) They have Viva La Pasta a very good homestyle Italian place with good daily specials, good fish and soup that rocks my world every time I am there. They are at 525 Country Club Dr # A. 805) 522-4249.

        EGGS and THINGS-2955 Cochran St # A2-In the same plaza as Target and Trader Joes. Great breakfasts and lunches. (805) 527-0055

        Jerry's- at 4821 LA Ave-a complete hole in the wall never mentioned. Good old fashioned biker stop breakfast. Look for the Kawasaki Dealer and you are there. Open at 530am and closed by 1pm. Closes odd days twice a month. ( I gave away the secret-forgive me fellow Simi Chowhounds)

        Ken of Japan-4821 Cochran. It's a Teppan style place. I have never been-its well liked.

        Next door to KOJ is TUTTU's . They serve ice cream, sorbet and shaved ice. check it out.

        I am drawn to MILLIE's (chain food I know but...) 2595 Sycamore just below the freeway. Good breakfasts and lunches. They have the best onion rings around including the more upscale restaurants in the SFV. I love the pies as well.

        PHO-SO1-2837 Cochran St- 306-1868-.They have a chain of these restaurants around the nearest being in Van Nuys if I am correct. Very clean restaurant and helpful folks to those of us that don't know the food and traditions. It's in the same plaza as SEE's candy and Mervyn's.

        Indian Hawelli-Excellent indian food. They have a decent lunch buffet as well. They do a tremendous take out business.
        1750 E Los Angeles Ave
        (805) 520-1236

        On LA Ave between Erringer and First Street are a multitude of mom and pop authentic mexican markets and restaurants. I can't name them all. Each has it's own flavors as they cook from different regions. You can get some bang for your buck there.

        I hope this helps.

        1. re: SIMIHOUND

          Adding to my original post..

          Another restaurant that gets forgotten is a Cajun restaurant called La Louisanne Express. They are so hidden I often forget about them. I haven't been lately because my wife cannot eat anything spicier than cottage cheese. I love this place, It's at Erringer and Cochran behind the Chevron station.
          1854 Cochran St

          And lets not forget our Thai Restaurants. We had a post recently about the Thai places out here. I love SAWASDEE at 1960 Sequoia at LA Ave. 581-5526. The quality never waivers. See this link for more info though.

          1. re: SIMIHOUND

            Second on the Indian Hawelli recommendation, can't believe I forgot them. Just ate there this week. Great place, nice staff, friendly owners.
            IMO, Paul's is a pass. Very pop-it-out-of-a-can and heat it up italian. Viva La Pasta's better.
            I've been to Ken of Japan twice. Avoid the sushi, it didn't taste/smell fresh either time. The Teppen selections are sort of tough to screw up, but they're nothing special.
            I have yet to have a good meal at SG, but people seem to love it so maybe I'm ordering the wrong things...
            re: Greek House Cafe rec. below, it's a passable fast-food place, a step above the chains, but not authentic greek. Piles of fries though...
            Going to check out Jerry's and Eggs N Things, thanks, as always, Simihound.

        2. Greek House Cafe. Small place, cash only, I know some days (I think Sunday they aren't open very late. Very tasty food

          2375 Sycamore Dr Ste 5
          Simi Valley, CA 93065

          (805) 955-9899

          1. I have been to exactly one place in Simi Valley, and I went out of my way to do so. Tutu's is an authentic Hawaiian dessert outpost. At the time I went (last fall) I had the best shave ice I've had in the LA area. They also serve Lapperts ice cream, a Hawaiian favorite, and Dole Whip, a non-dairy ice dessert liken to a sorbet. They went thru an ownership change, so I can't vouch for the quality, but I plan to go back when I can to see how the shave ice is.

            1. I just tried Palermo Pizzeria at 2110 Tapo St in Simi Valley. The pizza was fantastic.

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              1. re: trixel

                I am so surprised. Something must have changed because they have been terrible for at least 13 years. I will give them a try and report back,

                1. re: SIMIHOUND

                  I'll back Hawelli as well.
                  Did a review of all of Simi's Thai places a few months ago with two friends and Herb & Spice received the highest combined score although my personal favorite is Rich & Richer.
                  We're currently conducting a sushi tour but have only visited 3 of the 14 or so sushi bars. On my own I've been to several of the local sushi bars and so far I like O2 the best. Blue Fin is very popular but I've had mixed results there.
                  Pho So 1 is another favorite.
                  I enjoy Carrillos for Mexican even though it tends to get more criticism than praise.

                  1. re: tofuburrito

                    India Hawelli is by far my favorite restaurant in Simi. Usually end up shopping at the market too when I go.