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Mar 25, 2009 08:44 PM

Is it true that Fairway is opening in Stamford?

or thereabouts eventually?

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    1. yes i heard stamford jan 2010 on market and canal street.
      i can not wait.!!!

      1. They need to open a store in eastern LI...:)

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        1. re: RoleModel

          Nope - they need to open a store in Westchester County, preferably northern Westchester - just a quick zoom up the Saw Mill River Parkway from the 125th Street store for their delivery truck! Sigh.....

          1. re: Nancy C

            You did notice that they are opening up in Pelham?
            Which is SouthEastern Westchester and in truth I would be more than likly to go North to Stamford than East-South-East to Pelham.

            1. re: Jon1856

              Yikes, I'd missed the Pelham thing! I'll search the threads for more info! Thanks!

              I live in Ossining, so going to 125th is nearly as fast as a schlep to Stamford. Pelham would be fantastic!

              1. re: Nancy C

                No need to search anywhere-link is above in my first posting.

            2. re: Nancy C

              I don't think their delivery truck would be allowed on the Saw Mill Parkway (you do know it's cars only right?).

              1. re: MisterBill2

                Anyone have an update on the Stamford Fairway? Still on track?

                1. re: gunksny

                  Nothing firm on the opening, but the structure seems to be going up fast...It's visible from the highway, most recently clad in what look like yellow insulation panels

                  1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                    Its really too bad the Whole foods got turned down at Bulls head!

                    1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                      An article in the Advocate this week stated that the builders will finish the shell in February 2010 and then Fairway will start the interior fitout, with an opening date "a year" from now. That construction schedule seems overly slow.

                      1. re: Silli

                        That is disappointing. Is that the latest word?

                    2. re: gunksny

                      Checked it out this morning and as you can see below they seem to be rolling along... and were actually at work today, Saturday. The exterior shell and parking lot are coming very nicely. Also below see a drawing of what the entrance will look like. It feels far less than a year away!

                      At 80,000 Sq. feet this will be the largest of the Fairways -- and if Connecticut passes the bill to allow wine sales in supermarkets, there will be an ample wine store within a store. They will also employ over 700 people.

                      The parking lot is vast -- to the consternation of some city planners who wanted less of an urban oasis on what they feel will be a high density lving and working south side. They argue for a multistory lot. Flat parking is less of a hassel in my book. It is not the most compelling architecture, but that simplicity is part of Fairway's signature.

                      Here are pictures of now and then.