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Mar 25, 2009 08:13 PM

kosher lpesach soda

has anyone seen any kosher lpesach diet soda in normal non jew brands other than dr browns and diet coke

im looking for sprite or pepsi

i remember 2, 3 years ago, gg had pepsi, and most years i find sprite, but nothing this year

if youve seen it, please post where

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  1. I bought Pepsi & Diet Pepsi at Shop Smart in Brooklyn

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    1. re: doc_k55

      which one is shop smart, where is it

      verifying, it was kosher lpesach?

      1. re: doc_k55

        did the diet pepsis have a different cap color? any clue what it was by any chance?

      2. Brachs in the 5 towns had Sprite


          1. Riverdale Kosher Marketplace had a massive selection of KfP sodas. Don't remember if diet sprite or diet pepsi were there, but there was an entire aisle of shelves dedicated to KfP sodas.

            1. A little disappointed with Brachs. I went today to do my fruit/veggies/dairy shopping and noticed that they did not have any Dr Brown's 2L sodas. You know the ones with $.99 on the label. In its place they had enormous amounts of the 1L bottles that they were selling "on sale" for $.99! So instead of Dr Brown's being the cheapest soda they were the most expensive sodas there with the effective price of $2 for 2L. I asked if they have the 2L bottles they said that they ran out and wont get them in till after yom tov. Right, and by coincidence they have huge stock of the 1L bottles with no prices on the label. What idiot, er, person, would buy the 1 liter bottles when they can go to almost any other store and get the 2L for the exact same price?

              There is a moral here, shop early; since I also noticed much less sales as well as we get to the home stretch. Fortunately I bought my sodas earlier and left the shopping of the perishables to the week before pesach.

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              1. re: MartyB

                waldbaums and pathmark in my area still have both pepsi and coke for pesach, and im sure one of the two is on sale at both, last week i got pepsi at waldbaums, either 89 or 99 a bottle

                they had dr browns as well, but it wasnt kosher lpesach