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Mar 25, 2009 07:56 PM

48hrs in tokyo, hungry, and solo

I got a free 2 night trip, so time is very limited. Im younger, dining solo, very adventurous, and I dont speak Japanese.

Would like suggestions for the top sushi, yakatori, ect... would consider 1-2 michelin stars or crazy street food dives, anything that is a tokyo must see/eat.



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  1. Is price a concern or does the free trip include food/spending money?
    Yakitori, go to Fuku in yoyogi-uehara. They have an English menu and it's wonderful.
    Get ramen, good thick fatty ramen - check the board for past posts.
    Read up on sushi, there are lots of talks about Dai San Harumi and Mizutani and Jiro but you could always just get some at the fish market if price is a problem.

    For dirty street food, check Piss Alley in shinjuku, it's pretty dodgy but can be fun. I'm not sure what's good to eat, but it can be a cultural drinking experience.