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Mar 25, 2009 06:28 PM

Lers Ros Thai for vegetarians? [SF]

Has anyone eaten non-meat items here? My vegetarian friend loves authentic Thai spice, but sometimes the vegetarian options don't have the same level of flavor at other Thau restaurants. Note—they will eat fish sauce and every so often fish is ok.

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    1. Bump.

      Windy had a few comments on vegetarian dishes:

      Anything else? I eat meat, so am looking more for something that's good on its own than a dumbed down meat dish. I'm eating dinner tonight at the Mission location:

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        Happy to provide you some suggestions. Lers Ros is awesome and yes, things can get very spicy.

        I can't tell from your ask if you're looking for just vegetarian dishes and are a meat eater or are looking for suggestions in general to eat with a vegetarian friend, but if you're willing to have seafood in there, the Som Tom Poo (Papaya salad with raw Blue Crab) is not to be missed.

        Also, they do an excellent job with wok-fried wide rice noodles, so you could always pick one of the vegetarian versions.

        Full write-up:

        1. re: MWinston

          Thanks! I'm lookin for dishes to share with vegetarians. I'll check out your link!

        2. re: hyperbowler

          Pleasing meal on the whole. We ordered everything with a three out of four spice level:

          Tom Yum Pak Soup was as sour and
          spicy as promised, with plenty of oyster mushrooms to give the dish an umami boost.

          Tofu larb salad : this feels naked without meat, but the tofu does act as a nice buffer between the sharp onions and the lime dressing.

          Green curry was not overpowered with coconut milk, but the spicing was still too mellow and they were not generous with the Thai eggplant.