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Mar 25, 2009 05:47 PM

Downtown Happy Hour...

I apologize in advance to those who might think this is frivolous or silly, but where can a friend and I go in Downtown LA this evening with great cocktails/wine, good food and a nice young professional crowd (read: good looking men)? I've searched the board and can't find any answers to my question.
Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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  1. Church & State would be my first call.

    1. McCormick & Schmick's. They have a fantastic happy hour featuring a full-size cheeseburger and fries for $1.95. Mix ultra cheap food with drink specials and you have a very popular happy hour. Goodlooking downtown venue, too.

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      1. re: nosh

        lots of young professionals at McCormick's too

        1. re: rednyellow

          M&S's $2 burger is an attrocity.

          Try Morton's sliders instead. In fact, everything on Morton's HH just tasted superior in quality and prep. M&S's burger is evocative of high school cafeteria burgers.

          Then you have Provecho, Rivera, The Must, Library Bar, Pitfire Pizza Co's Half off pizza, etc. DTLA has the most diverse offerings of HH anywhere, compacted into the smallest space, in LA.

          1. re: TonyC

            We had the filet mignon sandwiches at Morton's during their Happy Hour and they were pathetic. It was if they took someone's scraps and threw them on a little roll. Even for $5 or $6 I felt ripped off. The burgers (sliders) did look a heck of a lot better though.

      2. umm nice young good looking men, I don't know, but The Edison has great cocktails, good food.
        On Thursdays 5-7 (or is it 4-7) they'll have a vintage cocktail for $0.35, and the rest of the menu is also discounted.


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        1. re: burumun

          I've only been to Edison later at night, but def falls into the "sexy crowd" kind of place.

          1. re: rednyellow

            Just came back from The Edison. Up until 7 PM it was not too crowded, not too loud. A lot of older crowd too.

          2. re: burumun

            Edison has a cool vibe with lots of young professionals, but I've only been there later at night. The menu has lots of gastropub like fare.

          3. I would vote against McCormicks because they have no alcohol happy hour. They only discount food which is average at best and the burgers are very dry. I'm not sure why they have such a great happy hour reputation.
            Ciudad is always reliable and the Library Bar is also very solid. Both places attract the attractive proffessional crowd. Edison is also cool but it takes forever to get a drink and its pretty dark and loud.

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            1. re: toonoble

              My HH experience in these parts is limited, but the two of us and two Nashville friends found good cocktails and lotsa fun at Ciudad. We love Edison, too, but it works for us only if we get in before the bulk of the crowd and find an area with its own waitperson. Both places are loud, but at Edison it's people screeching (WHY??), while at Ciudad it's mostly harsh acoustics.

              1. re: Will Owen

                Third Cuidad.... When I was a suit, that is where we went most often...


                1. re: Dommy

                  went to Cuidad for a gift certificate dinner and was treated to poor service and cold food. Border Grill and Cuidad are certifiable over rated restaurants. Its like like Baja Fresh with table service.

              1. re: fdb

                I was going to suggest this as well. Chaya Downtown also just opened next door and that would also probably be a solid bet.