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Mar 25, 2009 04:47 PM

Nice, Fresh Chicken DC

Sorry in advance if this has been discussed but it was difficult to turn up in a search.

I have the urge to get a nice, fresh chicken this weekend, break it down, use the meaty bits to make some fried chicken just the way mom used to, and then use the wonky bits to make stock for either soup or gumbo. Problem is, I'm not feeling the chicken at the supermarket.

So, I ask, where can I get a really nice chicken around DC? I don't have a car, so metro accessible options would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Eastern Market. There's a Metro stop close by. I can't promise it will be better than supermarket chicken, but you'll have more fun picking out the right one for your purposes. You may even be able to get a few extra wonky bits. And you won't have to bring a live chicken back home on the Metro.

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      Second that. Market Poultry gets regular deliveries straight from NC and they're not those so-called "super-chilled" birds which are basically frozen. They hold them at such low temperatures that they might as well be.
      Mel Inman and his staff will even break the chickens down for you, exactly like you want them, at no charge which will save you time.
      Inman's poultry is a cut above anything else I've found in town, plus you get great service.

      Right at the Eastern Market Metro Stop.

    2. The Bell & Evans chickens at Balducci's are quite good and no more expensive than the industrially manufactured chickens at the grocery chains.

      1. This may not be totally what you are lookingn for, but I have found that fresh, kosher chicken works well because it comes "pre-brined" via the koshering process. They often have them at Trader Joes. You can also get the Bell and Evans birds at Whole Foods.

        1. Oooooo can I come over for dinner? That sounds like a lot of fun (and delicious too!)

          1. Go to the Dupont Farmers Market on Sunday. The second stand on the right is Eco-Foods (or something like that). They have chicken from several organic local sources, including Polyface Farms (of Omnivore's Dilemma fame). They are usually relatively small and more expensive than supermarket chickens, though. But, they are also much tastier!