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Mar 25, 2009 04:23 PM

What's new in Vegas...where should we go?

We love all restaurants....we've been to Mesa Grill, Prime, Charlie Palmers, Bouchon, Red 8, Koi, Nobu's, Rosemary's (our favorite), etc.etc....what's going on since we haven't been there in a few months...any recommendations on your favorites?

What do you think of Mayflower Cuisinir, Malibu Chan's, or Firelfy?

Any restaurants like Rosemary's?

Give me your top 5!


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  1. Mayflower has been closed for over a year, closer to two years.

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    1. re: Eric

      If you enjoyed Mayflower you are not completely out of luck - Woo, at the Palazzo, is the inspiration of Ming See Woo, who owned Mayflower from 1991 until closing. And running the kitchen is her son Peter, who was executive chef at Nobu at the Hard Rock for six years.

      1. re: QAW

        Have you tried Woo? I stumbled into Mayflower right after it opened, accidentally (I was on my way to Habib's and was intrigued). Glad to see that Ming See Woo has landed somewhere -- nice man.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Only for a few appetizers so far, but the rest of the menu is very similar to what was being done at the Mayflower. That creates a good/bad in terms of their prospects for success - some of the Asian fusion that was really cutting edge at the Mayflower does not necessarily bring the same sex appeal on the strip in 2009. Their location inside of the Palazzo is also not the best; an out of the way area on the shopping level, which does not create a lot of visibility. But we certainly wish them the best.

          1. re: QAW

            I think it's fair to say that Mayflower was deeply influenced by Chinois en Main when it first opened. They pretty much totally replicated Chinois's most famous dish at the time -- the whole catfish. I wasn't complaining -- it was delicious.

    2. I've found Vintner Grill to be in the same league as Rosemary's. On the same side of town as well.

      You're in luck. Read this post for a baker's dozen places that I feel are not like, but superior to Rosemary's.

      1. My top 5 off-strip - Raku, Lotus of Siam, Todd's Unique, Vintner Grill & Rosemary's.

        1. top 5 off strip, which i define as being places i hit at least once/month, consistent in what they prepare:

          china mama
          Hot 'n Juicy
          JR's Place

          heck, i gotta add a 6th - Envy Steakhouse