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Mar 25, 2009 04:06 PM

lunch recommendation in/near Dobbs Ferry?

My mom & I are spending a mother/daughter day together next week with morning at a day spa in Dobbs Ferry. Any recommendations for a nice lunch either in Dobbs Ferry or nearby? Thanks!

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  1. If you like Sushi then Sushi Mikes is a great option.

    1. Great rolls at Sushi Mike's. Another great pic is Tomatillo - the food is always really fresh & good there too.

      1. I would also recommend Tomatillo. I have been there several times and they are great.

        1. LOVE Sushi Mike's, but no atmosphere to speak of there. I really like Red Hat for a light, relaxing "apres spa" ladies lunch. Food is good. It's pretty, comfortable and on the water. Buffet De La Gare is nice for French bistro fare, but a little pricey. Enjoy!

          1. Is Harvest on Hudson open for lunch? If so, that would be a beautiful spot for lunch as the weather improves, looking out on the garden or the river.

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              I heard that Harvest actually opened a new place in Dobbs Ferry; sorry, don't know the name. Maybe there is something on Harvest's website, but yes, they are open for lunch.