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Mar 25, 2009 03:39 PM

Marco's in North Asheville is moving

This will be their third location. Just last week I noticed, as I was leaving the Fresh Market, that Marco's had closed. A painted sign on their window indicated they were moving further up the shopping center to the north into what appears to be a smaller storefront with some fairly extensive looking renovation of the space. I'm just glad to know that they'll be reopening.

Has anyone heard what will be happening with the space they've vacated? I'm hoping it'll be used as an expansion for the Fresh Market. Actually, that's what I hoped for when Fine Friends closed and before Marco's moved in.

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  1. Fresh Market is expanding.Marcos is reopening tonight in a very nice, but smaller space.

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    1. re: Spreadhead

      Great! Fresh Market has needed that for a long time.

    2. Thank you for the heads up. We would have missed it, if their space was occupied. We're not in Asheville, but often have Marco's as our pizza of choice when we're on your side of the mountain.

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      1. re: shallots

        We were at Marcos last night (next door to the original location) and it was GREAT!
        99% of the time the food is spot on and the service friendly and fast.
        A local asset to be sure!

        1. re: jbyoga

          and it is owned by a really good family.

      2. Next to the original location? Across from Panera Bread, ,or recent original sort of down in the hollow below Fresh Market?

        Where is the one in North Asheville this week, please?

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          The North Asheville store is just up the shopping center up towards the laundromat. The South Asheville store I can't tell you about as I've never been there. I assume it's where it always was which is more or less across from Panera Bread on Hendersonville Road.

          The original Marco's (and before that it was named Patsy's) was on Merrimon Avenue in Merrimon Square in the location that is now Circle in the Square. And across the street from Atlanta Bread Company.

          Hope that helps.

          1. re: Leepa

            and the South Asheville location was formerly in the Wal-Mart shopping center just south of the parkway

            1. re: Spreadhead

              Nothing like having a pizza hunger and misplacing the restaurant.