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Mar 25, 2009 03:33 PM

Any one try Azul Bridgeport, CT?

Just passed this new Brazilian churrascaria on Main St in Bpt. No website yet. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. I'm curious about Azul too. They have an advertisement in one of the local Brazilian newspapers which shows some pictures of the interior of the restaurant. It looks like they are going for a more upscale/fine dining type of vibe.

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    1. re: JohnnyCT

      We go to Terra Brasilia (or something close to that) pretty regularly, but its kinda dive-y, food is ok, but not as good as the one I go to less often in Port Chester.

    2. I'm a big fan of El Pantanal . . . wonder how this compares?

      1. Is this the one that got a writeup in the NYT Connecticut section a few weeks ago?

        Times loved it, but a Brazilian friend (a harsh critic) was not impressed.

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        1. re: dinerfan

          El Pantanal is great. More than a few times some of the buffet items really blew me away. Without a doubt, it is one of my go to spots in bpt.

          Save some money and don't have them bring the meat to your table. Just order it while you are at the buffet.

          Bands on tour from all over Latin America pass through on the weekends.

          1. re: JohnnyCT

            I agree - I'll generally get whatever looks best to me from the buffet (frequently some stewed/braised meat, maybe some plantains or rice, chicharrones), and then get a couple meats from the skewers. I'm a big fan of the sausage, pork loin, and brisket. Any favorite meats for others?

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              I am sticking to old timer Pantanal Restaruant and Churrascaria. Their food pretty much the homemade flavor of Brazilian food. I have tried a couple of the new places recently, and I always go back. The joint is a humble place, but the food is phenomenal.... My two cents..... Teo G......