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Mar 25, 2009 02:44 PM

Fish market?

Where do you all buy fish in lower Westchester? I live in Hartsdale, but can go to nearby areas to find the freshest fish!

Any ideas?

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  1. There has to be a thread or two on this already but:
    Eastchester Fish
    And there is a place near Tuckahoe Road/Central Ave, Yonkers that we were in a few months ago that had a nice selection. On South bound service road going from Tuckahoe Road to Central Ave.
    Also one located downtown Marraroneeck (SP?) right in middle of town.
    Apple Farms Tarrytown Road-nice but limited to basic.
    And BoN, I have found nice fish in both A&P and Stop and Shop. Check specials.

    1. Bon Ton in Greenwich. Worth the drive.

      1. Also worth the drive is Mt. Kisco Fish Market

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        1. re: wincountrygirl

          Mt. Kisco Seafood is the real deal. Fabulously fresh and the guys who work there know what they're doing.

          1. re: oopa

            While rather good, I also found it rather higher in price....

            1. re: Jon1856

              It's upper Westchester - 'nuf said!" LOL. But, I don't mind paying for really good quality.

              1. re: wincountrygirl

                I agree it is upper crust westchester-LOL
                Which would bag the question is it worth the time, from lower Westchester, to go to and pay more monies for fish that we can get down here that are if not just as good are damm close?

                1. re: Jon1856

                  Nope. I'm sure there are places in lower Westchester that are just as good.

        2. stew leonard's in yonkers. they turn the fish over so fast that it is always the freshest.

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          1. re: biga290

            There are 10 places in westchester where i would buy fish before Stu s.

            1. re: baldwinwood

              Name them! We find that the fish at Stew's is fine as long as you stick to things like salmon, tuna and swordfish. We've gotten some bad scallops there since I don't think they turn over so quickly. Short of going to Arthur Avenue, I'm not sure that I know of any great fish markets in the area, so I would be glad to know the ten you spoke of!

              1. re: roxlet

                Have you ever see the parasites in swordfish? Everyone says the worms are harmless and to just pick them off, but thats one of the few things from the ocean i will not eat or serve.
                As for other places to go v Stu s; Easterchester fish, Lobster Bin(greenwich, i know) or Bon Ton(yeah i know, Greenwich also) along with Fairway(again not in westchester, but close enough) and one place i m sure you have never been is the restaurant depot in Mt Vernon. Unless you own or work in a restaurant you cant get in. I know this will sound crazy, but i'll only buy certain fish in certain stores. For example, i'll buy squid or live crabs from highridge fish and nothing else. I'll only buy dover sole from easterchester fish.

                I like Stu for certain things, but their fish is not a reson to go there.

                1. re: roxlet

                  Hmm, if you have to stick with certain types of fish at Stew's then I would say that is a problem. Personally, I would buy meat there but not fish.

                2. re: baldwinwood

                  And since the OP asked for suggestions, what are their names/locations?

                  1. re: Jon1856

                    Since we are talking particulars.....any suggestions on the best place to buy fresh, large shrimp?

                    1. re: westchesterdiner

                      Well, hate to say it, but I just got some wonderful ones at Mt. Kisco Seafood!

                      1. re: wincountrygirl

                        I'm a fan of Mt. Kisco Seafood and the guys there are really good... I'd say combine the trip with some shopping (mall type stores without the snootiness of the Westchester mall!) and breakfast/dessert from La Tulipe and make it worth your while!

                        1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                          I Eat: That is what my GF and I did. We just happened to be up in the area and because of what some here have written, we went in to look around. When I bought some fish for dinner, my GF gave me that "look". As I was cooking it and as we were eating she asked me why did I buy some thing that was almost 2x's the cost anywhere else we shop at? Tasted no different.

              2. I just now heard a nice review/.report about this place. Was nice enought for me to check out their web site. I may be taking a drive north very soon:
                Bon Ton Fish Market