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New crab cake place in Forked River

Anyone hear about the new crab cake place that should hit Forked River soon?

It's being built in a shopping plaza on the corner of Route 9 and Lacey Road, where an old bank used to be. I wonder if they'll keep the drive-through window. Fish in FR isn't necessarily awful, but I'm curious as to why crab cakes would be targeted specifically. There are many restaurants in the area that are "known" for their crab cakes (not that I would agree), and several fish markets have been opened and closed during the past couple of years.

It should be an interesting venture, to say the least.

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  1. i saw this last time i was down that way...... if the crab cakes stink, just walk over to the german butcher, grab some blood and tongue or liverwurst and enjoy the rest of your day.............

    1. It's being opened by the folks from Mud City Crab House in Manahawkin, so I have a good feeling about it. I pass this new locale every day to and from work, and I can't wait. I think my wife said they're looking at a late April or late May opening. - John

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        Hmm. I'm always a skeptic until the food meets mouth. April or May sounds good to be, I'll have to make it a point and stop.

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          Does anyone have an update on the opening ?

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            Mud City Crabcakes Co opened last Thursday (5/7). We ordered takeout on Friday, and it was excellent! We got crab cakes, fish and chips, broiled scallops, fried flounder and clam strips. The quality of the fish was on the same level as the Mud City in Manahawkin. - John

      2. Wait until the newness dies down. This place was so disorganized and the staff was quite literally hand picked right off the streets (the owner admitted this) and had zero knowledge of what they were serving so don't even bother asking.

        Food was okay but I have had better at the same price at local, well established eateries.

        1. Just got back from there and it was the WORST meal I've had in awhile. Besides being massively overpriced, the food was bland. Zero seasoning on anything (broiled platter, crab cake, 2scallops, 2shrimp, 4ozflounder), food was less than mediocre. Service was pretty terrible the waitresses were too busy talking to each other to notice us. The decor is super casual and the prices are reflective of a much nicer restaurant. Do yourselves a favor and pass on this one.

          1. the crab cakes were the best I ever had! The prices were reasonable considering the obvious high quality product they use. The restaurant was clean and well decorated. The staff was well trained and helpful! I will definitely go back!

            1. they just won people's choice award at the jersey shore crab cake cook off! Best crab cake! and the judges award for the crab cake sandwich with the avocado bacon and jalapeno tartar!

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                Today I had a chance to have lunch in Forked River 17 lacey Road.. at MUD CITY CRAB CAKE CO. for the first time. This is the smaller location vs their other one in Manahawkin. It’s a small place with about 8 four top tables in the rear…in the front are big long glass showcases full of all kinds of fish & seafood to take home also. After perusing the menu I decided tyo try their specialty….The “Classic” CRAB CAKE SANDWICH, made with Jumbo lump crab on a Toasted deli roll w/ lettuce & tomato, fries & slaw. Service was nice, attentive & friendly. My meal came promptly in about 5 minutes. Crab cake was thick & nicely browned, not a lot of filler, lettuce/tomato a bit wilted…the roll was toasted perfectly. What I didn’t like was the fact that the Crab inside was more mashed up like crab salad versus chunky lumpy big pieces, which I love.
                The bottled tarter sauce on the table wasn’t thick at all and was very runny making it hard to stick to the cake. All in all it was enjoyable but could use improvement. The natural skin French Fries were sliced thin, but much too coated with Old Bay seasoning for my taste, just way too salty. The homemade thick cut cold slaw was good crunchy creamy and seasoned nice. It wasn’t crowded at all, and the have an extensive seafood menu also on blackboards on the walls. Finally my check came in a cute little miniature RED Crab pail total cost with an iced tea $13.90


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                  Izzie's in Medford has a wonderful crab cake. We love Mud City and especially their crab cake sandwich. Captain's Galley in Crisfield used to be our go-to spot for crab cakes when on vacation but it's no longer there. Izzie's by far beats Bobby Chez. Actually, I'm off right now to make crab cakes, I can only wish I'm eating them at Izzie's.