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Mar 25, 2009 02:02 PM

Quizno's Torpedos

So I've been to a Quizno's three times since these were released and have still not tried one.

It honestly just looks like a thin, long baguette that they put minimal toppings and meat on. And that depresses me. Because, when made right, Quizno's can be a true indulgence.

Anyone had one yet?

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  1. I've had them a couple times now. Less meat than on their normal width subs, though I'm okay with that since I come down on the 'carbs' side of the meat/carbs ideal ratio. I like the baguette well enough, but they don't cut it in half for takeout orders so eating is is kind of awkward for about the first third of the sandwich.

    1. I had the Turkey Pesto the other night. I like the torpedo roll better than their regular bread. But the execution leaves a lot to be desired. They slice the meat & cheese in half to make it fit on the roll. But then they can't fit any veggies on it. The bag they put it in leave almost 2 inches sticking out; which makes it a pain to transport, but slightly easier to eat.

      As for taste, it was decent, but I think I'd be happier ordering off their regular menu. So, you'll probably want to try it, but it's not a "wow" experience.

      1. I love the bread on the Torpedos 10x better than the regular Quiznos breads. But I agree that the sandwiches are very minimal on the fillings. I ended up tearing about half the bread off and doubling up the ingredients on the remaining half to make it a meatier sandwich.

        1. We tried a couple for lunch on Friday. The bread is absolutely better than their usual bread. There is less meat on the sandwiches but since we're actively trying to lose weight that's not a necessarily a bad thing now. Unfortunately, we had to get the sandwiches to go and eat them about an hour after they were made. Since the store put them in a plastic take-out bag, the hot sandwiches steamed and we had a pretty unpleasant texture when we finally got around to eating them. I'm sure they would have been much better eaten fresh. The price for what you are getting is decent. As the Spouse said, "I'll eat this again. Especially for $4."

          1. All right, so I had my first torpedo. I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered the Italian version, but with mayo instead of red wine vinaigrette. I'm not sure if the Quizno's I went to was just dumb, but they used about the same amount of meat on this torpedo as they do on a large Italian on their regular bread.

            The bread had a nice crunch on the outside, and was warm and fluffy inside. But overall, a very narrow sandwich (albeit long). I like their italian meats with mayo, mozzarella and black olives so I wasn't let down at all.

            So yes, it was a tasty experience that I was not expecting at a seemingly fair price.

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              Kkachurak--I ordered the same. I like the bread to meat ratio because I usually end up peeling off meat on other sandwiches. However, they used the same amount of mayo as they would use on a large sandwich. Pretty decent after I scraped off the excess mayo...especially for 4 bucks.

              1. re: kkachurak

                Is the bread crunchier than their usual bread? I gave up on Quiznos since their bread shreds the roof of my mouth. Don't think the blood adds that much to the flavor of the sandwich.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  Really? I know tough enough bread exists to do that (as I've had it happen to me, countless time when I get a sub from Publix) but I've never had that happen to me at Quizno's.

                  I've always found their bread to be quite soft. Especially the wheat bread, which is what I alway get. The toast adds a decent crunch, but nothing too tough.

                  As for the torpedo bread, it has a semi-tough exterior, but by no means is it that tough.

                  1. re: kkachurak

                    I've tried two Quiznos in DC, and both times, the bread is toasted to abrasiveness. It doesn't help that it tastes kinda stale as well. I'll have to give the torpedo a try.