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Mar 25, 2009 01:57 PM

Best eats near House of Blues?

I have another foodie emergency! Going on a girl's night out to House of Blues in Hollywood for a show tonight at 8:00, need to find a place for dinner beforehand, preferably within walking distance, or at a nearby place where we could ditch all cars and take one to HOB. Prefer sushi but anything chowish works. Would pay anywhere from $30 to $60 pp total. We could just eat there but I'm guessing that's a wasted opportunity for a nice meal. A sushi bar within walking distance is perfect. Is Miyagi still there / any good? What about Sushi on Sunset? Are these walking distance?

Help! Thanks!!!!!!!

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  1. I've never eaten at Miyagi's (or Sushi on Sunset) but it's still there. Its a bit of walk. Asia de cuba is right next to the HOB. That's where i'd go.

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      Second Asia de Cuba...I recently had a lovely meal there. Sushi on Sunset is pretty good, but I don't think it's within walking distance of HOB.

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        Miyagi's is still there, despite not being any good. I've not eaten at Asia de Cuba, but I've heard good things and would second that it's likely your best bet within walking distance.

      2. Thanks all. Asia de Cuba it is then.

        1. I could've sworn Miyagi's closed...Not that I ever wanted to go there. XIV, Asia de Cuba, Katana, the Foundation Room (at HOB), or the Rainbow (don't hate-I like their food!) are close by and pretty good. Also, the diner at the Standard Hotel is pretty yummy.

          1. Just wanted to report back on our lovely girl's night out dinner at Asia de Cuba. We all loved it.

            The restaurant is in the Mondrian Hotel, just west of HoB. The ambiance is fantastic, birch wood / whites with nice mood lighting and a gorgeous (perfectly heated) patio and amazing view. Next time I'll be requesting a patio table with a view.

            When i first saw the menu I had a bad case of sticker shock (one entree was $80, I think), but was relieved to learn that they serve very large portions meant to be shared: each entree serves two and each appetizer is like an entree for one, so he recommended two entrees, two appetizers and a side or two for the four of us. Since two of the women had apps and drinks at the happy hour next door, they were not very hungry, so we got two entrees and two apps for the four of us, and it turned out to be the perfect amount of food; maybe even a little too much.

            I had the miso butterfish entree that comes with black bean / edamame salad plus tempura peppers. I love butterfish; it's similar to chilean seabass or black cod; very moist, tender and tasty instead of flakey or dry. It wasn't as good as the to-die-for seared butterfish sushi frmom Sushi Zo but it was delicious. The entree came with 2 filets.

            I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to Chinese dumplings and find that potstickers in a non-Chinese restaurant is a crapshoot, but the lobster potstickers were great -- juicy and tasty. The order came with 6 to 8 of them, and they were pretty big.

            We also got the panko crusted plantains appetizer. It was a very generous portion, with 6 or 7 large pieces of plantain. The plantain was the perfect texture -- not mushy, it had a little bit of a bite to it without tasting undercooked-- and it was perfectly fried in panko (japanese breadcrumbs). The black bean sour cream sauce was nice too.

            We also got the seared scallop appetizer: four large scallops in the order. They were perfectly cooked and delicious.

            With two entrees, two appetizers and a round of cocktails, the total bill with tax and tip was $250 (62.50 pp for the four of us. ) The amount of food was more like four entrees and 2 appetizers. We were all very satisfied and couldn't eat all the food.

            The bar next door has a great happy hour from 5 - 7, where all the drinks and apps (same as at the restaurant, I believe) are half price. I didn't get there in time to have an app but my fruity cocktail was awesome and my friend was raving about the shrimp toast that was only $4.

            I'm definitely going back... thanks for the rec!