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Mar 25, 2009 01:53 PM

Passover option

I know about various restaurants amending their menus to appease those keeping kosher during the Passover holiday. I've listed the ones I've heard of but does anyone know of any other options?
1. Sprinkles - makes wheat/gluten free cupcakes
2. Il Tramezzino - makes their sandwiches on matzah
3. Stone Fire pizza - makes matzah pizza

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  1. Koutoubia, on Westwood Blvd. between Olympic and Pico, serves kosher-for-passover Moroccan food. Here is their Passover menu:

    1. Since none of the aforementioned are kosher during the year, how can they be kosher for Passover? Do they have mashgiach certification?

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        i think she is looking for unleavened products as opposed to kosher. a lot of reform jews just opt to avoid certain foods during passover, but don't necessarily keep kosher for passover

      2. Not my first pick, but California Pizza Kitchen offers matzah, and even offers matzah based pizzas.

        Roll'n'Rye in Culver City
        Angeli Caffe
        A Cow Jumped Over the Moon
        Spago and La Cachette do seders, so I imagine they'd have options throughout the week, but you could call and check

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          1. I have always liked Beverlywood. The bowties, raisin bread, rye bread and Charlies next door for salami and I am a happy guy.. The chinese with the green awning across the street is pretty good to but I digress..

            1. essential chocolate also makes Passover friendly desserts, macaroons, flourless chocolate cake, and more.

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