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Mar 25, 2009 01:52 PM


We havern't seen many posts about RESTAURANT WEEK 2009: DINE IN BROOKLYN. Yikes! It's already Wednesday, and only a few days left .

We have made a few reservations, but are always looking for more suggestions, reports, and new places to try?

We view RESTAURANT WEEK as a wonderful opportunity to try new places, before investing major money...that is, having a great dinner for under $30 at a place we would love to return to.

Where have you been? Where are you going? And what would you suggest?

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  1. I just posted about a good DIB experience I just had at Cebu in this thread:

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      Needless to say, lunch at Al di la was FANTASTIC.

      1. re: parkslopemama

        one of the few things i miss about park slope was living a block away from al di la.

        1. re: sam1

          applewood was as solid as ever on friday night for restaurant week. less add-ons than my previous restaurant week visit but the sweetbreads with jalapeno relish was quite possibly the best preparation ive ever tasted. cheese plate was solid as usual.

          the roast duck entree (part of the basic RW menu) was absolutely nuts...with duck bolognese and sauteed spinach i think...

          and the apple crisp for dessert? unreal.

          dinner was $50 per person after 1 extra surcharge, a beer, and tax and tip.

          continues to be my favorite brooklyn restaurant.

    2. had a wonderful dinner at Chestnut in Cobble Hill. They have lots of selections in the $23 range (I had a superb buckwheat crepe and gravlax appetizer, ravioli stuffed with pumpkin seed for the main, and three different homemade ice creams for dessert), and you can get the rest of their menu for $30. Gracious service, inviting atmosphere, and tremendous food. A great bargain as well.

      1. Ate at Queen with my boyfriend and two friends. It was very crowded, so we waited awhile to be seated for our 7:30 reservation, had to request menus from a random restaurant worked when no one brought any over after 5-10 minutes, 20 minutes to get a wine list after asking twice. They also refused to give us the dine in Brooklyn menu, saying it was only available until 7:00. The dine in Brooklyn poster did not indicate this, but we were told that the menu Queens posted in their window includes this caveat (we checked on the way out, and it did, but this didn't help us). We were not off to a good start at all. Service was extremely slow throughout. There were stale items in the bread basket. The roasted garlic paste in the oil for the bread was a nice touch. The appetizers received good to extremely good reviews (the peas/asparagus/leeks appetizer - everything was very fresh; fresh mozzarella - fabulous; clams - loved by one, meh by one). "Parmesan" offered with our entrees was actually romano; this is a pet peeve and kind of inexcusable at an Italian restaurant of the non-Olive Garden ilk. The lasagna and eggplant parm entrees were unremarkable. Friend who got the carbonara loved it but others thought it tasted like soap (don't think the others had ever had carbonara before, so I take their reviews with a grain of salt); shrimp entree also received a favorable review. We did not have dessert. With the dine in Brooklyn deal this would probably have been great, but we were all pretty annoyed by the experience. That mozzarella was fantastic, though.

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          «The dine in Brooklyn poster did not indicate this». Just to point out, as I did in your separate posting, that the Dine In Brooklyn listing shows Queen for lunch only. The fact that they provide the Menu to 7 PM is actually more than they advertise.

          1. re: bobjbkln

            You are correct - lunch only; my mistake. The poor service, stale bread, parm/romano issue and inconsistent dishes still will make me either not revisit Queen or to order only what I know to be good. Might also stick with take out or delivery. I had read that the specials/seasonal items are generally more successful than the standard menu, so perhaps we should consider ourselves warned on the lasagna and eggplant parm.

            1. re: Olive123

              NO!! (was that definitive enough :-)

              First of all, dont excuse the poor service or stale bread you received but I really think you can chalk it up to a bad night for them. I've gone there for 35 years and can tell you that they cater to "regulars", including politicians and other high powered types, and will ignore us commoners at the drop of a hat when then need to prioritize. Lucky this doesnt happen often so I can convince myself to go back.

              Secondly (and the reason for my declarative NO!!) is that the lasagna, chicken parm., eggplant parm. and other basic red sauce dishes are usually excellent at Queen and, if you like them, by all means order them. I do this pretty regularly and I'm fussy about my red sauce dishes. Just remember that their specials menu is usually full of creative & well prepared food and that you'll miss out if you always get the red sauce basics. My strategy is to be part of a party of 4 or 6 so both can be sampled.

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                Only went once, and have to say our experience mirrored yours (not DIB week btw...) -- service was awful bordering on comic, we're STILL laughing (?) about it. And the mozz. was great == but not enough to get us back there!

          2. We loved our dinner at the Waterfront Ale House. Between us we had: mussels, beef stew, and butterscotch pudding; duck terrine, cavatelli with boar (?) ragu, and bread pudding. The portions were more than ample. I hope that we get a chance to go back b/c there were other tempting offerings on the RW menu. Great beers on tap and excellent cocktails as usual.

            1. Had dinner at Thomas Beisl yesterday. Have been there several times over the past year and must say that the food is an improvement from a year ago.

              We both ate the chicken liver terrine, I had the chicken paprika with spaetzle, friend had goulash with spaetzle. Desert was apple strudel and kaiserschmarren.

              everything was tasty and authentic, portions were good. at $23 a person, with quality and portion size it was a good deal.