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Mar 25, 2009 01:52 PM

Kitchen anti-fatigue mats (PDX)

Does anyone know where to buy a decorative, durable anti-fatigue kitchen mat? I know GelPro is the be$t, but we used to be able to buy wine-themed ones at now defunct kitchen/gourmet outlet mall stores for ~$30. I've found less expensive (~$20) alternatives at Fred Meyer, but the tops delaminate in no time. Thx!

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  1. In Canada, you can get them at Home Depot - Given that the Home Depot in the US carries at least twice as much stuff as the Canadian stores, you're bound to find them there.

    1. I just wrote a post about this and saw your question.

      The mat that I have is a wood grain and it looks nice on my floor...
      Anyway this is what I had written about the mat

      "looked at the Gel Pro mats too and while they seemed nice I thought that they were a bit too squishy. and expensive anyhow...

      I found a nice mat on this site l that has a lot of cushion but the top surface is still firm (and easy to clean) and and by the way, I love this mat my knees used to hurt after being in the kitchen for a short period of time, I am actually enjoying cooking again."

      1. I believe Bed Bath & Beyond carries some sort of similar mat but not sure of brand.

        1. I've bought one in the past at Williams Sonoma. But the top was not laminated, so when I spilled olive oil all over it, it had to go in the trash.

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            Thanks to all for the input. I may have misled with the word "delaminated". These mats have been soft, printed PVC foam. The top layer on the less expensive mats curls up and separates from the underlying layers on the edge that you are stepping on each time you approach the mat. These are not impervious to spills, although they have endured everything short of oil. I struck out at my local Home Depot. B, B & B carries the GelPro, and too large of a size PVC foam. I'll try Wms-Sonoma or Le Gourmet Chef at the Columbia Gorge outlet mall next.

          2. Probably not turkey.... OH - sorry, misread the question. I thought you were asking about anti-fatigue meats. I believe that's a different thread...