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Mar 25, 2009 01:33 PM

new slow cooker

what's the best thing you've ever made in your slow-cooker?

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    1. re: Amuse Bouches

      I have to agree with Amuse, pulled pork is a great dish cooked in the slow cooker. However, do not confuse this with BBQ'ed pulled pork. There is a considerable difference between smoked pork and slow cooked with smoke flavoring. Just the same I like pulled pork sandwiches made in the slow cooker.

      1. re: TimCarroll

        Well, if you look at that recipe I do fully admit that anyone who is a BBQ aficionado would not call it barbecue. It's really Carolina Barbecue STYLE pulled pork.

      2. re: Amuse Bouches

        I'd have to also agree with pulled pork and I've got some pulled chicken cooking in my crockpot today. During the winter, I love cooking hearty chicken sausage and lentil soup, chili, and pot roast in my crockpot!

      3. The Sweet and Sour Lamb recipe from the "Saha" cookbook. In fact, I'm cooking up a batch right now for a bunch of firends.

          1. re: pamd

            That blog has tons of ideas but I wouldn't say great ideas. They're the type of recipes that proliferate for crockpots and lead people to believe that crockpot cooking is terrible.

            Crockpots aren't short cuts. They're a way of cooking at low moist heat. Anyone who really cooks/braises and thinks he/she can just dump everything in and get a delicious meal hours later will be disappointed.

          2. A tajine, used raisins and apricots with sweet potatoes and some other veggies (I think it was zucchini)but for some reason it was wonderful! Oh I put in leftover french onion soup I think and the whole tajine was even better the next day with couscous. YUM!

            1. Not to be unresponsive but personally i have never prepared in a crockpot nor been served from a crockpot anything i enjoyed.
              Now this is a mystery to me as i do a lot of braising, both oven and stove top with an ancient Griswold dutch oven.
              It is certainly not that i don't like low, slow, wet cooking.

              One of life,s mysteries i guess.

              No doubt i will try one of the recipes identified here as "best", but methinks i bear a crockpot curse!!
              Good luck.

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              1. re: mr jig

                After different taste tests w/ crockpot vs braising in the oven, on the stove, I agree it's not quite as good but I can still get good results in the crockpot. The beauty of the crockpot is that for people who have free time during the day, like me, but am out afternoons through the evening, you can't beat coming home to a hot meal. If I were home for a few hours before a meal, I'd use the oven. The two exceptions that I've found where the crockpot does get the same results as on the stove are caramelized onions (sliced onions, dollop a stick of butter, cook on low--I was doubtful at first but no more standing in front of the stove stirring and stirring) and stock.

                1. re: chowser

                  I agree, the crock is not for everything ... but sometimes I leave at 6 and get home at 9, 10 or 11 ... I want food. I don't want to cook. I just had a pork roast with sweet and white potatoes a maple orange glaze, a maple beer, parsnips, rutabaga, celery root, fresh crimini mushrooms, chipollini onions, brussel sprouts and apple juice. I got home took everything out, thickened the sauce a little and served it with a great warm beet, romaine, fennel and blue cheese salad with fresh toasted baguettes. How good and easy and fresh. Great simple food and I have dinner for a couple of days.