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Mar 25, 2009 01:21 PM

napa lunch/activity with toddler

Recently moved back to the area with a toddler in tow. Trying to put together a day-trip to Napa likely -

- 1-2 wine tastings
- lunch (doesn't have to be fast food/Taylor's/pizza)
- olive oil company
- a playground or park for running around?

Any recs for kid-friendly wineries? For a hound-worthy lunch?

Saw some good ideas on takeout from Bouchon or some of the bakeries on older threads. Any other ideas?


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  1. North end of Washington Street in Yountville has a play park.
    In St. Helena, there is a park down Adams street, just past the elementary school

    1. What age is the child? Coppola used to offer small boats for kids to play with in their fountain....

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      1. re: Carrie 218

        Oh that's a cool idea. And there are the big cars in the tasting room.

        Toddler is 2.5 yrs old.


        1. re: edgrimley

          Big cars still? I thought all the movie memorabilia had been moved to Coppola's Geyserville (Souverain) facility.

          OP, I think the Pizzeria Tra Vigne is great for kids and adults. Not the restaurant Tra Vigne, but the Pizzeria, across from Taylor's Refresher, and in the same driveway as Merryvale.

          BTW, there are other threads/posts about kids in wine country if you'd like to do a search.

      2. Sonoma might be an easier than option than the Napa side. In the town of Sonoma or further North in Healdsburg, there are several tasting rooms within a short walk of the Plaza/Square in the center of town. Both would offer an area for the kid to play, places for you taste a few things, and an abundance of lunch options. Olive oil might require going a little further afield (Glen Ellen is the first that comes to mind), but would be easily do-able as well.

        1. if you go to the sonoma side, you should definitely check out train town:

          1. That is a tought request. We did it and it was a bit tryng. We stayed at the caymus inn, not overly kid friendly.

            We did have a great experience at the Culinary Inst. They even offered to provided my wife a private room to breast feed if that was necessary.
            We were at a private party and they brought in a high chair and they were very accomodating!