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Dominican food...delivery?

Please help!

I'm having a large group (12+) of people over to my house on Friday night. We're going to be having a Domincan feast!
However, it's right after work, and we're not going to have ample time to really cook etc. It's for a book club....sooo, we need to order.

We're comfortable doing grub hub delivery, since most places I've looked up are in JP/Roxbury, but I have no idea which places are better than other.
OR, what things would travel better! for example, something about delivered Ceviche just sounds wrong....

What are your favorite dominican places? Closer to Charlestown, the better! If it's close enough, I can even go pick up the food and leave the guests for a brief bit.

molly and crew!

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  1. I just reviewed Alex's Chimis in JP for the Phoenix: it's mainly about chimis, rotisserie chicken, some deep-fried stuff (chicken and chicharrones), and pastelas. I really like it, especially the rotisserie chicken and the chimi de pierna (pork shoulder).


    1. The North Shore has a large Dominican population, potentially more than JP/Dorchester/Roxbury. However, the restaurants tend to be near Lynn and Salem and I can't think offhand a Dominican specific restaurant in Chelsea (there are a few which offer a couple of types of food). You might consider order some plates of food with mofongo, yellow rice, chicarron de puerco e pollo from the Puerto Rican restaurant Bella Isla on 2nd Street in Chelsea. Even though this is a book club, as I have said before what makes a latino party authentic is more the attitude than exactly the food served. :-) :I think they might offer delivery and certainly for a medium large catering order most small restaurants will do so regardless, but it is also a quick ride from Charlestown just no pothole free route. If you do go with them, call them ahead of time to find out what main course type items they offer (its setup more as a cafe, with a steam table and various a la carte items with mofongo on the side or mixed with the dish) or ask about a catering menu. BTW, a lot of hounds tend to overlook chicarron de pollo when checking out caribbean restaurants -- while its done all over Latin America as a comfort/country food, its larger in the caribbean than elsewhere.

      1. Did your book club read The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao?

        I was totally thinking of doing the same thing for mine!

        Alex's is great -- get the chicken and friend plantains!

        1. there are lots of good dominican restaurants in lynn. unfortunately i don't think any of them deliver. especially to charlestown

          1. For Dominican there is nothing better than Merengue on Blue Hill Ave!!! The best mufongo in Boston and the garlic chicken is out of this world! They deliver....but I'm not sure about to Charlestown. We've used them for takeout for school events quite a bit. Funny....our book club is looking to do Dominican this time, but most folks are North Shore...so it's too far to drive to Roxbury. We're reading Feast of the Goat.

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              Nice to hear something about this place. Any other recs from Merengue's menu?


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                Haven't had a bad meal yet! I always tend toward the mufongo....and some sort of fish....just because I can't find mufongo anywhere else. OH, and the flan is custardy perfection! Read your blog...glad to see someone filling in the Rox/Dor. restaurants...taught there for 5 years. Have you tried Restaurante Cesaria for Cape Verdean?

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                  Dorchester and especially Roxbury are criminally undercovered in the Boston food press, and I haven't done enough to remediate that, but I'm working on it. Cesaria is definitely on my list.


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                    Cesaria is great. Check out the octopus if you go.

            2. How is Cafeteria Tropical in JP these days?

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                Hi Limster!
                Cafeteria Tropical is still there but I haven't been since the chow crawl. I tend to go to Alex's Chimi or Yely's for Dominican.

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                  Howdy Gourmaniac! I've not been since either and this thread sort of brought out a craving.

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                    Hi limster and gm!

                    Cafeteria Tropical is sadly closed (that was the first place we went on the crawl, right, L?)

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                      Cafeteria Tropical, the place on Centre St in JP, kind of across from the shopping plaza with the Stop & Shop and Tello's? Did that just, just happen? I was driving by not long ago (on my way to Alex's Chimis) and thought it was open, had added it to my list of possible On the Cheap review places. Darn!


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                        Yep, it was the first on that crawl. Sad to hear, the food was excellent.

                2. There's also El Dugout on Seaver Street, which runs along Franklin Park. The sign on the awning says they deliver (617.442.5515) though I'm guessing not to Charlestown. I've only been once - very simple place, maybe six stools along the windows and a steam table setup on at one end and a sandwich counter at the other. My Spanish is almost nil so there was a definite language barrier, but I came away with a plate of roast pork over rice and beans and another box with an assortment of fritter things. The pork was a bit dried out but had good flavor (I didn't look very closely at it before ordering and assumed it was belly or fatty shoulder - not the case.) Rice and beans were unremarkable but satisfying. The three fritter-y things were the most interesting, though they all seemed to have the same barely seasoned ground beef filling. One was a fried empanada - crispy, not too greasy. The other two were meat inside different mashed starches. A round one with what seemed to be potato, and more interestingly, an oblong one that I think was yuca. They also have plantains, some tasty looking chicken and some other prepatations I didn't recognize, one with what looked to be salt cod. Plus a full sandwich and chimi menu at the other end.