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Mar 25, 2009 01:02 PM

Restaurant in Bethesda for business dinner?

I'm trying to find Bethesda restaurant options/recommendations for a casual business dinner. Ten of us will be staying at the Doubletree (8120 Wisconsin Ave) and I would prefer something within walking distance. Complicating factors are:

1. two people are vegetarians (one eats fish, one does not)

2. two people will be observing Passover

3. this will be on Easter Sunday...

Any suggestions? The hotel referred me to but I would rather get some specific restaurants that are Chowhound-approved.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. Tako Grill is a good sushi restaurant. Guardado's is a nice Spanish/Latin American place as well.

      Also, Lebanese Taverna is within about 10-15 minutes walking distance (Jaleo is also about that far, but it may be too crowded/noisy for a large group).

      1. Passage to India is one of the best Indian restaurants in the area and has many vegetarian options on the menu. It is open on Sundays. It should be an easy walk from the hotel.

          1. re: nickdanger

            Persimmon? Lebanese Taverna? Rockcreek?

          2. Depending on how strictly observant the Passover diners are, their only option that week in the DC area may be Moti's Grill. A 10-15 minute drive up Rockville Pike (near White Flint), it's definitely not walkable from the Doubetree. It's a casual Israeli restaurant in a walled off area of a kosher grocery store, Koshermart (where Katz's used to be). It's probably too casual to be called business casual. Having never eaten there, only passed by, I can't comment on the food, although they will anyways have a modified menu for Passover.

            Moti's Grill
            4860 Boiling Brook Pkwy, Rockville, MD