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Mar 25, 2009 12:35 PM

Upscale restaurants in Pittsburgh?

Do you have any suggestions for upscale restaurants in Pittsburgh. We are particularly interested in the quality and creativity of the food rather than the ambiance. We do like quiet restaurants however.

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    Above list the top 25 restuarants in the 'burg with descriptions. It's pretty accurate. Some of my fav's that I have been to:
    Bona tera, Iovino's cafe, casbah and eleven (both big burrito group), mio kitchen and wine bar.

    for a great lunch i would reccomend dining at the cafe at the frick... it's really picturesque, and the food is locally sourced and top notch

    for brunch, i really like point brugge cafe

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      Kesues, I am hijacking this entry! I like your suggestions. I looked them up online. The food at each sounds seasonal and fresh which is what I am looking for. However several of the suggestions are out of the downtown area I am looking for. Casbah and Eleven sound close and are open on Sunday and Monday the only two nights We will be in Pittsburg. Any other suggestions within taxi or walk of downtown- something more casual is fine too. We want good food!

    2. Hey Jessie B, Bona Terra - no question. Don't pay much attention to the Pittsburgh list, there are only handful of places they mention that are worth going to but that is it. Every year I say the same thing..."people do not know what good food is" - you must call for a reservation early for Bona Terra. If you like foie gras let them know when making reservation because they will make sure they have it on that night.

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        1. The need for "quiet" might cancel out some great meals. I think you'd be down to Mio, Eleven, Nine on Nine, Soba, The Carlton and hotel dining. Nothing quiet about Casbah, Point Brugge or even Bona Terra.

          Noise would have to be jackhammer level to affect my enjoyment of a bowl of moules and frites ;-)

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            I'm going to Nine on Nine on Saturday and doing the tasting menu - I can't wait. I'll give feedback!

            1. re: burghgal

              Best tasting menu in Pittsburgh IMO. I love Eleven as well though....

              I recommend Dish on the Southside as well.

          2. Try Isabella's in Mt. Washington. Very small and intimate. Beautiful view of the city and decent food. Give it a try.

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              I went to Nine on Nine on Saturday before I saw Lewis Black. I didn't do the 3 course (theater) tasting menu -- only because the two entrees to pick from were chicken and salmon. I pretty much eat that stuff all the time.

              I had the filet on filet appetizer (carpacchio and tartare), frisee salad and the filet with creamed spinach, wild mushroom polenta... The amuse bouche (sp?) was very tasty (prosciutto with a fresh salsa).

              The service and food was fabulous!