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Mar 25, 2009 12:25 PM

Restaurants in Cleveland OH offering Passover Seders

I really miss the Passover Seders that Cafe 56 used to offer when they had the restaurant in Beachwood. Does anyone know of any other restaurants that are offering seders this year?


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  1. Moxie. I think this is the 3rd or 4th year they've done it. I have no details unfortunately. I don't even know whether they're serving it at the restaurant or only preparing it for you to serve at home. I think you'll have a choice. I also don't know whether they're offering it on the first night, second or both. I'm also not sure what Cafe 56's seders were like. I assume that all you'll get at Moxie is the food. Was there any kind of ritual observance at Cafe 56? Moxie happens to be one of the best restaurants in the area so if it otherwise meets your criteria, I would recommend it highly.

    Moxie Restaurant
    3355 Richmond Road, Beachwood, OH 44122

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      Thanks Stuart, I'll give them a call. Cafe 56 provided everything, the seder plate, charoses, soup, main course and lots of matzo! I think they also had the wine. It was up to you to do whatever observance you wanted. I always went with my husband's family, who liked to do as little as possible for their seders. Usually just a quick prayer and on to the food! The food was really good and it was MUCH easier than doing all the cooking yourself!

    2. Ok, heard back from Moxie. Sounds like a really good menu, but it's $35 per person. Guess I'll be cooking at home this year!!