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Where to buy mochi

I went to Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ to do some shopping and I noticed I could not find any mochi. Is this a seasonal (fall/winter) item or can you get this year round? Any suggestions on where to get the stuff online would be appreciated also.

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  1. I don't think it is seasonal. Did you try the freezer section?

    Their website is not too helpful in searching for products unfortunately.

    1. Agreed that there should be some in the freezer. Although they are most popular around New Year's.

      1. I used to eat mochi all the time in Hawaii, but it's much harder to find back east. I love it so much that I decided I needed to sell it just so that I could eat it myself. Just starting out with the small mochi rice cakes you see as toppings at yogurt places.



        Black Sesame:

        1. My Mitsuwa has 3 or 4 diff ice cream mochi brands in the freezer section, and three or four shelf stable varieties all year round.

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            If the OP is talking about mochi ice cream, check Trader Joe's, they carry it.

          2. For online shopping for mochi you can try http://www.japansuper.com/cgi-bin/htm.... They also have fresh bakery items. We get these as a treat when my mom comes to visit. We especially like the anpan and the cream pan.

            1. I'm surprised that Mitsuwa doesn't have them, they do here in Los Angeles. Are there any Trader Joe's in your area? They also have them, at least in Los Angeles they do.

              1. Just to clarify, are you talking about soft, ready to eat mochi (usually filled with sweet bean paste) or the hard stuff that needs to be cooked? I'm guessing you're not talking about mochi ice cream since you asked about online sources.

                1. I get mochi at the Asian Market on Route 22W in Green Brook NJ. They have plain assorted mochi in packages and mochi w/ice cream in the freeze section. I'm assuming that all asian markets carry it. Trader Joe's does have mochi w/ice cream.

                  1. In Chicago mochi can be found in the freezer at Trader Joe's and Treasure Island. They about $3.99 at TJ and about $7 at Treasure. Same brand.

                    1. Are you looking for manju, as in mochi desserts or just plain mochi?
                      Mitsuwa should have them both. Maybe they are waiting for a new shipment.
                      Most stores restock around thrusday for friday or the weekend..

                      1. I saw some at my local Whole Foods Market here in Los Angeles. Maybe you have one where you live?